Frequent question: How do I import points into Revit?

How do you import survey points in Revit?

Define the Survey Point

  1. Open the site plan view or another view that displays it. …
  2. To select the survey point, move the cursor over the symbol and look at the tooltip or the status bar. …
  3. If the survey point is clipped, click to unclip it.
  4. Drag the survey point to the desired location.

How do you get topo points in Revit?

Create a Toposurface by Placing Points

  1. Open a 3D view or a site plan view.
  2. Click Massing & Site tab Model Site panel (Toposurface).
  3. On the Options Bar, set a value for Elevation. …
  4. Next to the Elevation text box, select one of the following: …
  5. Click in the drawing area to place points. …
  6. Click (Finish Surface).

What is Survey point in Revit?

The survey point is used to correctly orient the building geometry in another coordinate system, such as the coordinate system used in a civil engineering application. In a Revit model, the survey point defines a reference point for the survey coordinate system.

How do you annotate coordinates in Revit?

Click Annotate tab Dimension panel (Spot Coordinate).

Add a Spot Coordinate

  1. without a leader, click to place it.
  2. with a leader, move the cursor away from the element, and click to place the spot coordinate.
  3. with a leader and a shoulder, move the cursor away from the element. Click once to place the leader shoulder.
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How do you find base points in Revit?

To see the base point in your revit model, open a site plan and then the visibility graphics window. Expand the Site Category, then make sure the Project Base Point is set to visible. Next select the project base point in the Revit View, and click on the paperclip icon.

How do you add contour lines in Revit?

Contour labels display in site plan views.

  1. Create a topographic surface with different elevations.
  2. Open a site plan view.
  3. Click Massing & Site tab Modify Site panel (Label Contours).
  4. Sketch a line that intersects one or more contour lines.

What are the 3 points in Revit?

There are 3 different origin points in a Revit project: the Project Base Point, the Survey Point and the secret Internal Origin.

How do you read survey points?

Directly to your right (East) would be 90 degrees East of North. If you turned around you would be facing South and would be 180 degrees South of North. As you continue to turn you would face West, located 90 degrees West of North. Survey plats can also be read in reverse.

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