Does Autodesk own SolidWorks?

Dassault System acquired Solidworks in 1997 for $310 million in stocks. Autodesk started to realize how popular Solidworks was becoming, so they developed the Inventor as a direct competitor. The rest, as they say, is history.

Is SolidWorks part of Autodesk?

SolidWorks is an industry-standard choice, offering specialist software with an easier learning curve. Autodesk Inventor, by comparison, offers architectural capabilities and student licensing.

SolidWorks vs Autodesk Inventor.

SolidWorks Autodesk Inventor
Comes with sheet metal design tools Has specialist tools like electrical harnessing

Who owns SolidWorks?

Is Autodesk Inventor similar to SolidWorks?

Because they’re similar programs, SolidWorks and Inventor are both great options for 3D modeling software. Both are industry standards for a number of reasons, and both offer a wide range of simulations to thoroughly test designs before they come to life.

Is Inventor harder than Solidworks?

Main Differences Between Solidworks vs Inventor

SolidWorks is known for being easy to learn and intuitive to use, whereas Autodesk Inventor comes with a steep learning curve.

Is solidworks free for hobbyists?

The Solidworks Secrets Every Hobbyist/Small Business Should Know. … If you’re a small business without a SW subscription and you design your own products (not doing contract work for others), you can get free Solidworks licenses for up to a year through the SW Entrepreneurs and Startups program.

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How much is Solidworks for personal use?

The basic SOLIDWORKS price has not changed since it was first released in 1996. One standalone license is $3,995. The annual subscription service price, which covers technical support, upgrades, and more for one year, is $1,295.

What companies use Solidworks?

Companies Currently Using Dassault SOLIDWORKS

Company Name Website Phone
Sandia National Laboratories (973) 455-2000
Johnson & Johnson (732) 524-0400
Oceaneering (713) 329-4500
Lucid Motors (844) 367-7787

Which software is better Inventor or SOLIDWORKS?

While some prefer the user-friendliness of SOLIDWORKS, some find Inventor as a better alternative to suit specific requirements. … That being said, Inventor still has multiple features that come as standard compared to the basic SOLIDWORKS version. Additionally, Inventor has significantly low cost of ownership.

Is there a free version of SOLIDWORKS?

Currently, there are two options available to try SOLIDWORKS for free. The first option is through MySolidWorks which offers an online product trial of the latest version of SOLIDWORKS Premium, all from within your browser. … These SOLIDWORKS trials can be created for 7, 15, or 30 days.

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