Best answer: How do I delete unused components in SketchUp?

With the app open, click on the “components” icon in the righthand toolbar to open the “components” tab. There is a button at the top of the tab with a recycling icon on it. Click on this button to purge any unused components in your model.

How do I delete a component in SketchUp online?

If you want to remove the components from your window (which will permanently delete them this time) you can right click on the component (in the tray) and click on “delete”. If you have a prompt that says “Attention all copies will be deleted” it means that there is still a copy of this component in your model.

How do I edit a component in SketchUp?

Editing all instances of a component

To open the context, you can double-click the component. Or select it, context-click the selection, and choose Edit Component, or simply hit Enter. Use the SketchUp drawing tools to edit your component.

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