Your question: How do you name a view in SolidWorks drawing?

How do you add a name to a drawing in SolidWorks?

To enter title block data in a drawing:

  1. Right-click the Sheet Format > Title Block Table in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Enter Title Block Data. Data fields that you can edit are highlighted. …
  2. Enter text for each data field. …
  3. Click .

How do you make a drawing view in SolidWorks?

To insert a model view into a drawing:

  1. Click Model View. (Drawing toolbar) or Insert > Drawing View > Model.
  2. Set options in the Model View PropertyManager. …
  3. Click Next . …
  4. Set additional options in the Model View PropertyManager. …
  5. Click .

How do you label a scale in SolidWorks?

Display Scale in Orthogonal Views

  1. In a drawing, click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options.
  2. On the Document Properties tab, expand View Labels and click Orthographic.
  3. Select Show label if view scale differs from sheet scale.
  4. Click OK. Scale Displayed. Scale Not Displayed.
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What are the different drawing views in SolidWorks?

Standard Drawing Views

  • Standard 3 View.
  • Model View. Model View creates a single view based on a predefined view orientation. …
  • Exploded Views in Drawings. …
  • Model Break Views Within Drawings. …
  • Relative to Model View.
  • Predefined Views. …
  • Empty Views.
  • Adding Named Views.

How do I change drawing details in Solidworks?

Do one of the following:

  1. On the Sheet Format toolbar, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  2. On the Sheet Format CommandManager, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree of a drawing, right-click Sheet Format and click Edit Sheet Format .

How do you add properties to a drawing in Solidworks?

Easy Way to Link Properties to a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

  1. Empty Title Block fields to be filled in with Custom Properties from the Part file. …
  2. Edit Sheet Format. …
  3. Using Link to Property to show the Custom Property in the Note. …
  4. Material and Weight fields are complete.

How do I create an isometric view in SolidWorks?

To change the orientation of a section or aligned section view to isometric: Right-click a section or aligned section view and select Isometric Section View. To remove the isometric orientation, right-click the view and select Remove Isometric View.

How do you do relative view in SolidWorks?

This feature can be found by going to Insert > Drawing View > Relative To Model, or by right clicking on an existing view, from which you want to make the view of, and selecting Drawing Views > Relative View.

How do you move a drawing view?

Select a drawing view, then move (nudge) it with the arrow keys. You can set the arrow key increments. Press Alt, place the pointer anywhere in the view, and drag the view.

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How do I change the view name in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Views > Other. Select Add view label on view creation. Click OK.

Adding View Labels

  1. Right-click in the drawing view and click Add View Label.
  2. Double-click the icon.
  3. Type the text.
  4. In the PropertyManager, set options.
  5. Click .

Can you specify a custom material in Solidworks?

You can only add custom materials to categories within the Custom Materials library, not to the Custom Materials folder itself. To create a new category, right-click Custom Materials and click New Category. Right-click and select Paste or press Ctrl + V. Optionally, rename the material.

Where is the scale command in Solidworks?

To scale a solid or surface model: In a part document, click Scale (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Scale . Set options in the PropertyManager. The geometry of the model increases or decreases in size according to the scaling factors and other options you set.

How do you expand a drawing view in SolidWorks?

Scales in Drawings

  1. To set the scale of an existing drawing sheet, do one of the following: In the status bar click Sheet Scale and click a scale. …
  2. To set the scale of a drawing view, do one of the following: For existing drawing views, select a view or views, then set the Scale in the PropertyManager.

What are different views in engineering drawing?

The most common way to communicate all the information is by using three different views in a multiview drawing: Front view. Top view. Side view.

How do I align a section view in SolidWorks?

You can pre-select sketch entities that belong to the drawing sheet to create aligned section views. The sketch entities do not have to belong to an existing drawing view. To create an aligned section view: Click Aligned Section View on the Drawing toolbar, or click Insert, Drawing View, Aligned Section.

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