You asked: How do I join two lines in FreeCAD?

How do you connect objects in FreeCAD?


  1. Press the. Part JoinConnect button in the Part toolbar.
  2. Use the Part → Join → Connect objects entry in the Part menu.

How do you snap on FreeCAD?

Press Q to insert a “hold point” at the current location of the cursor. You can snap to the orthogonal axes of hold points, and to the intersections of these axes. If the Draft Snap Midpoint option is active, you can also snap to the midpoint between two hold points.

How do you align parts in Freecad?


  1. Select the reference object. …
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key while you select the object whose placement you want to change.
  3. Select the Edit → Alignment… …
  4. A new window will appear in the Main view area. …
  5. Define the first point pair by clicking a point in each view.

How do you use Boolean in Freecad?


  1. Activate the Body which is to receive the Boolean feature. …
  2. PartDesign Boolean button.
  3. In Boolean Parameters, click on the Add body button. …
  4. In the 3D view, select the Body to use in the Boolean feature. …
  5. Select the type of Boolean operation in the drop down menu (Fuse, Cut or Common)
  6. Click OK.
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How do I show grid in FreeCAD?

To use the grid select: Edit → Preferences… → Draft → Grid and snapping → Grid → Use grid. After changing this preference you must restart FreeCAD.

How do you do external geometry in FreeCAD?


  1. Create a new sketch, or open an existing sketch.
  2. External geometry button.
  3. Select an edge or a vertex that you want to link to in the sketch.
  4. Press Esc, or select another tool to stop importing geometry into the sketch.

How do you create a construction line in FreeCAD?

Toggle construction geometry button or by using the Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Toggle construction geometry entry in the Sketcher menu. This will change the color for creating new geometric elements to blue. Newly created geometric elements will now be created in construction mode.

What is a wire in Freecad?

Description. The. Draft Wire command creates a polyline, a sequence of several connected line segments. The command can also be used to join Draft Lines and Draft Wires. The corners of a Draft Wire can be filleted (rounded) or chamfered by changing its DataFillet Radius or DataChamfer Size respectively.

How do I close a polyline in Freecad?

Pressing Esc or clicking the right mouse button before closing the polyline to a loop ends the current polyline and you can continue with a new one. Pressing Esc or clicking the right mouse button again ends the polyline function.

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