What is RA in house plans?

What does RA stand for building?

RA – Route Availability. RAB – Regulated Asset Base. RAB – Resource Accounting and Budgeting.

What does RA stand for in house?

Resident assistant

Names House Fellow, Resident Assistant, Resident Advisor, RA, Resident Mentor, Senior Resident, Residence Don
Occupation type Profession
Activity sectors Education

What are the various symbols in a floor plan?

Most plans include symbols that are a combination of: Appearance (for instance, a bathtub looks like a bathtub) Conventions (double lines are commonly used to denote walls) Labels (for instance, a thermostat is labeled “T”).

What is T and B in floor plan?

T&B: Top and Bottom.

What means Ra?

1 regular army. 2 research assistant. 3 residence assistant; resident assistant. 4 rheumatoid arthritis. 5 right ascension.

What is R and R in construction?

Richard & Richard Construction Co. |

What is WT on a floor plan?

The weight and thickness of the lines also express the distance of the element in the space. Plans are either vertical or horizontal slice-through of the structure. Heavy lines are used in walls that are cut in a section or floor plan, while lightweight lines indicate that the item is distant.

What are building symbols?

Material symbols are used to represent materials or contents on floor plans, elevations, and detail drawings. Different symbols may be used to represent the same item on these drawings. The outline of the drawing may be filled in with a material symbol to show what the object is made of.

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What are the arrows on floor plans?

Some plans may show stairs bisected by a line with an arrow at one end to indicate which direction is up (ascending). Landings are shown as larger rectangles or squares.

What are the architectural symbols?

Architectural drawing symbols form an important role in any architecture drawing and help to define elements such as floor levels, lighting types and service locations.

Architectural Drawing Symbols

  • Services symbols.
  • Lighting symbols.
  • Electrical symbols.
  • Plan, elevation and section symbols.
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