What is Keepout area in KiCad?

What is Keepout zone?

Glossary Term: Keep-Out Zone

Definition. The area on or near a CPU or GPU processor that the circuit board layout design can not use, due to thermal management components, cooling, and mounting constraints.

How do I remove Keepout area in KiCAD?

Drag one of the corners of the cutout in the Zone (This makes KiCad focus on the cutout. (Yes, actually move a corner) Right Mouse Button, and from the popup menu: Remove Corner. Repeat removing corners until the whole cutout is gone.

What are zones in PCB?

What are Component Keep out Zones. Component keep out zones are exactly what the term implies. Technically, it’s a boundary on a PCB where no traces, pads, vias, mechanical outlines, or any other components are allowed. In other words, it’s an area that’s screaming ‘thou shalt not trespass’.

What is F fab?

The fabrication layers are used to display the simplified mechanical outline of components on the PCB. KiCad refers to the fabrication layers as: F. Fab – Front fabrication layer.

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