Quick Answer: How do I know my blender model?

The model number is on the bottom of the blender.

What is the top of a blender called?

2. Blender Jar Lid. The jar lid covers the top of the blender jar allowing you to safely operate the blender without your ingredients exploding from the jar. The lid is generally plastic or glass and usually has a rubber stopper attached to form a tight seal.

How does electric motor work in food blender?

How does the blender work? When the motor in a blender is connected to electrical power and activated, the shaft will spin at a very high rate of speed. When the shaft spins, the blades that are attached to a coupler will also spin at the same speed.

How many parts are in a blender?

Blenders are made up of three main parts, says Tess Masters, author of The Blender Girl: a motor, a blade, and a container. Properly designed appliances will cause these three parts to work together to vortex ingredients toward the blade to blend quickly and easily.

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