Question: What tool do you use to select an object or area in SketchUp?

How do you select all objects in SketchUp?

Like SketchUp, LayOut has a few tricks for selecting multiple entities, too:

  1. To add to the current selection, hold down the Shift key and click additional elements.
  2. To remove an element that’s already in the selection set, hold down the Shift key and click the element you want to remove.

How do I select an object in a layer in SketchUp?

Select an Object on the required Layer. Right-click and in the Context-Menu near the top is Select… Pop this out and there’ Select all on Same Layer… All active Objects on that Layer are Selected.

How do I select a surface in SketchUp?

How to select faces only

  1. Select the region, with the edges, then switch to wireframe mode and deselect all the edges in one swoop.
  2. Turn off edges in the Styles window, then drag over the faces you want to select.

How do I select a vertex in SketchUp?

move the endpoint > click and type the desired value and hit [Enter]. before grabbing the endpoint you can hover over a face that the endpoint is in > then press and hold down [Shift]** > and only then grab the desired endpoint. This will constain moving the endpoint in the same plane of that face. >

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How do I select a group in SketchUp?

With the Select tool ( ), select all the entities you want to include in your group. Select Edit > Group from the menu bar. Or context-click the selection and choose Group from the menu that appears. Everything in the selection becomes grouped within a bounding box.

How do you select a wall in SketchUp?

Here’s how to use Offset to create walls that look thick:

  1. Start with any face in your SketchUp model.
  2. Activate the Offset tool (choose one of the methods listed above for doing so).
  3. Click once on your face (the one in your model).
  4. Move your mouse (don’t drag) toward the center of your face.

How do I select a tag in SketchUp?

There is an option to select by tag but it works in a peculiar way: you need to select at least two groups/components on the same tag then you’ll have the option in the selection right click sub menu. Wow, that’s a crazy way of doing it.

What does the tape measure tool do in SketchUp?

In SketchUp, the Tape Measure tool, the Protractor tool, and the Measurements box enable you to model precisely: With the Tape Measure tool ( ), you can measure a distance and set precise guide lines or guide points. Note: Guide lines and guide points are temporary dashed lines used as guides to draw precisely.

What is the move tool in Sketchup?

You can use the Move tool (M) to merge points or edges together. Show Hidden Geometry to manipulate hidden entities – If you want to select and move parts of a surface that has hidden edges, turn on Hidden Geometry from the View menu. You’ll then be able to select softened or hidden edges.

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How do I find coordinates in Sketchup?

There is no specific ability into SketchUp Pro to do this, but you are in luck! The Utilities Tools extension available on the Extension Warehouse has a Query Tool which allows the selection of an object to find the X, Y, and Z coordinates of a point.

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