Question: How do you split a polygon in AutoCAD?

How do you split an object in AutoCAD?

To Break an Object

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Break. Find.
  2. Select the object to break. By default, the point at which you select the object is the first break point. …
  3. Specify the second break point. To break an object without creating a gap, enter @0,0 to specify the previous point.

Which command do we use to split the components of a polygon?

Use this command to split an existing polygon object into two new polygon objects. The original polygon object is deleted. You can draw a new line to split the polygon, or you can selecting an existing line.

How do I split a line in AutoCAD?

To Insert Points That Divide an Object Into Equal Intervals

  1. Click Home tab Draw panel Point drop-down Divide. Find.
  2. Select a line, circle, ellipse, polyline, arc, or spline.
  3. Enter the number of intervals. A point is placed between each interval.

What is a Pedit?

Common uses for PEDIT include joining 2D polylines, converting lines and arcs into 2D polylines, and converting polylines into curves that approximate B-splines (spline-fit polylines). Different prompts are displayed, depending on the type of object you select to edit.

How do you split a shapefile?

Split features with other features

  1. On the Edit tab, set your snapping preferences and show the Modify Features pane. In the Snapping group, enable your snapping preferences. …
  2. In the pane, expand Divide and click Split . …
  3. Click By Features.
  4. Select the input cutting features. …
  5. Select the target features you want to split.
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How do I cut a polygon tool in Arcgis?

Using the Cut Polygons tool

  1. Begin an edit session and click the Edit Placement button .
  2. Click the Cut Polygons button. …
  3. Click once to start digitizing the line sketch for cutting the polygon.
  4. Cut completely across the selected polygon feature.
  5. Double-click the end of the segment to finish the line sketch.

Can you Unjoin in AutoCAD?

Use the Unjoin Geometry tool to remove a join (between 2 or more elements) that was applied using the Join Geometry tool. Click Modify tab Geometry panel Join drop-down (Unjoin Geometry). Select the geometry to unjoin. To exit the tool, click Modify or press Esc .

How do you split a block in AutoCAD?

Select the block that you wish to break up and then select the menu item Edit > Other > Break up block. The block is broken up into its elements and the objects can now be individually edited once more.

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