How do you split a schedule in Revit?

How do I split a schedule between two sheets in Revit?

Split a Schedule Across Multiple Sheets

  1. Do one of the following: …
  2. Select the sheets where the schedule segments will be placed. …
  3. Select the height for schedule segments on each sheet. …
  4. Click Split & Place.
  5. The first selected sheet is opened, click to place the schedule segment.

How do you make multiple schedules in Revit?

Place several components into your project that have shared parameters. Click View tab Create panel Schedules drop-down (Schedule/Quantities). In the New Schedule dialog, select <Multi-Category> from the Category list. Click OK.

How do you split objects in Revit?

Split Elements

  1. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Split Element).
  2. If desired, on the Options Bar, select Delete Inner Segment. When you select this option, Revit removes the segment of the wall or line between selected points.
  3. Click the element at the point you wish to split.
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How do I resize a schedule in Revit?

The first is the ability to zoom in and out of schedules, which was introduced in Revit 2019.1. Simply hold the CTRL key and move your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the schedule.

How do you undo a split schedule in Revit?

You can rejoin the sections of a split schedule on a sheet. When you select the schedule on a sheet, a 4-way arrow control displays in the upper left corner of each section of the schedule. Use this arrow control to drag and drop a section of the schedule over another section to join them.

How do you fit a schedule on a sheet in Revit?


  1. In a project, open the sheet to which you want to add a schedule.
  2. In the Project Browser, under Schedules/Quantities, select the schedule, and drag it onto the sheet in the drawing area. …
  3. Move the schedule to the desired location, and click to place it on the sheet.

What is a Revit schedule?

Create schedules, quantities, and material takeoffs to quantify and analyze the components and materials used in a project. A schedule is another view of the model. View tab Create panel Schedules drop-down. (Schedule/Quantities) (Graphical Column Schedule)

What is a multi-category schedule in Revit?

Revit allows developing multi-category schedules. This means a schedule that can contain elements from different categories, for example : Furniture, Plumbing Fixtures and Speciality Equipment altogether in one schedule. Filtering within that schedule is as well possible.

How do I split a column in Revit?

To do this, just open a 3D or elevation view, then select the Split Tool on the Modify tab. Next just click the desired column at the location you would like it to split. Easy!

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How do you split a generic model in Revit?

Dividing Parts by Reference

  1. In the drawing area, select the part or parts to be divided.
  2. Click Modify | Parts tab Part panel (Divide Parts).
  3. If you want a gap between the parts resulting from this division, enter a positive value for the Divider gap parameter on the Properties palette, under Constraints.

How do I change the column width of a schedule in Revit?

To adjust the column width, select the schedule. A blue triangle displays to the upper right of each column. Drag a blue triangle to the left or right. Note: If the schedule is split into multiple sections, adjusting the width in one section changes the width in all sections.

Where can you set the default visibility of worksets Revit?

Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets). Under Visible in all views, select the check box to show a workset in project views, or clear the check box to hide it.

How do you change the size of a column in Revit?

Modify type properties to define column dimensions, materials, fill patterns, and more. To change type properties, select an element and click Modify tab Properties panel (Type Properties). Changes to type properties apply to all instances in the project.

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