How do you shade in Draftsight?

How do you fill a shape in Draftsight?

Click Draw > Hatch/Fill (or type FillArea). In the Hatch / Fill dialog box, select Fill.

Specify the Boundary settings.

  1. Specify entities. . …
  2. Specify points. . …
  3. Rebuild boundary. . …
  4. Delete boundary entities. . …
  5. Highlight boundary entities. .

How do I change the view in Draftsight?

Setting the View Direction

  1. Do one of the following: Click View > 3D Views > Viewpoint on the menu. Type ViewDirection.
  2. Specify the View angle option.
  3. Type an angle: In the XY plane from the X axis, for example, 45. Above or below the target, for example, 33.

How do I view 3D in Draftsight?

To view the model in 3D using RollView:

  1. Do one of the following: Click View > 3D Orbit > Constrained Orbit on the menu. …
  2. In the graphics area, drag the pointer around the model. …
  3. Optionally, press Shift to display an arcball with four small circles at each quadrant. …
  4. Press Esc or Enter to exit RollView mode.
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How do I see all layers in Draftsight?

To show all Layers: Click Format > Layer Tools > Show All Layers (or type ShowLayers).

How do you use hatch in Draftsight?

To hatch an area, do the following: Specify the boundary.

Setting a Hatch Pattern

  1. Type User and press Enter.
  2. Specify an angle for the hatch pattern and press Enter. …
  3. Specify the distance between lines in the hatch pattern and press Enter. …
  4. To specify whether you want to add intersecting lines, type Yes or No.

How do I edit a hatch in Draftsight?

To edit a hatch pattern or color fill:

  1. Click Modify > Entity > Hatch (or type EditHatch).
  2. Specify an existing hatch.
  3. In the Hatch/Fill dialog box, select Hatch to update the hatch or Fill to update the color fill. You can also add additional entities to the set of entities to be edited.

How do I create a detail view in Draftsight?

Creating a Detail View / Detail View Profile

  1. Click the Drawing window, and click the Detail View icon. from the Views toolbar (Details subtoolbar).
  2. Click the callout center.
  3. Drag to select the callout radius and click a point to terminate the selection.

How do you plot in Draftsight?

To print or plot a drawing on a printer or plotter, or to print a drawing to a file: Do one of the following: On the application menu, click Print > Print. On the menu, click File > Print.

Select one of the following options:

  1. All geometry. …
  2. Drawing boundary / Sheet. …
  3. Named view. …
  4. Current view. …
  5. Specify.
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How do I create a layout in Draftsight?

Creating and Managing Sheets

  1. Click File > Sheet > Sheet from Template (or type Sheet and specify the Template option).
  2. In the Select template from file dialog box, select a *. …
  3. In the Sheet List dialog box, select a Sheet name and click OK.
  4. The Sheet and all entities from the specified file are inserted in the drawing.

Can I draw in 3D on DraftSight?

DraftSight Premium and DraftSight Enterprise Plus include the 3D Modeling Workspace, where you can access the all-in-one 2D drafting and 3D design experience. Access a full suite of powerful 3D modeling and editing tools. Create predefined 3D solids, such as Boxes, Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres.

What software is used for 3D modeling?

Best 3D Modeling Software

  • Autodesk Maya.
  • Autodesk Mudbox.
  • Houdini.
  • Cinema 4D.
  • Modo.
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max.
  • ZBrush.
  • Rhinoceros.

How can I make a 3D model?

While there are a number of ways to create 3D models, most of them boil down to two basic methods: building a model in 3D modeling software, or taking an object from the real world and turning it into a digital model using a 3D scanner.

How do I change the color of a layer in Draftsight?

To set Layer LineColors:

  1. In the Layers Manager dialog box, double-click the LineColor cell you want to change.
  2. Select a LineColor or select Specify Color for more colors. The LineColor for the Layer is set.

How do you use layers in Draftsight?

Adding Layers

  1. To add a single layer, double-click a layer name.
  2. To add multiple layers, select the layer names, right-click, and click Add Layers.
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What is the difference between freeze and off?

When you freeze a layer, the visible effect is the same as turning a layer off. The difference, however, is that when you freeze a layer, AutoCAD releases it from memory. If you refresh a drawing after freezing a layer, the layer won’t reappear.

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