How do you hide lines in Autodesk Inventor?

How do you hide parts in Inventor drawings?

After you recover work features in a drawing, you can hide individual work features. You can also use Show Hidden Annotations to show hidden work features. Select the work feature in the graphic window or browser. Right-click and select Visibility to clear the check mark to make the work feature invisible.

How do I hide edges in Inventor?

window select the all of the edges in the view (make sure you don’t get the view border) and then right click and choose Visibility.

How do I unhide a line in Inventor?

Right click on the view and Show Hidden Edges. All hidden edges will be shown in red, and selecting them changes them to green. Then right click > Done, and the green ones are now visible.

How do you hide a bend line in Inventor?

Follow these steps after you create your flat pattern.

  1. Uncheck the “bend extends” checkbox under “bend lines” under “browser”.
  2. Create a sketch and select the flat face of your model ( not the origin planar ).
  3. Press “P” to select bend lines and chose “body” as selection filter under “project” options.
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How do I hide an object in Inventor?

On the ribbon, click View tab Visibility panel Object Visibility. On the drop-down list, clear the check mark to hide work geometry, surfaces, or sketches. Select the option to turn on visibility.

How do you hide the edges on Fusion 360?


  1. (Optional) Change the Visual Style to …with Hidden Edges in the Display Settings.
  2. Hover over the hidden edge.
  3. Left-click and hold. A list of the features will appear.
  4. Select the edge from the list. The selected edge will be highlighted in the design.

How do you show sketches in Inventor drawing?

On the ribbon, click Place Views tab Sketch panel Create Sketch. Click in the graphic window to place the sketch on the sheet, or select a drawing view to associate the sketch to the view.

How do I create a hidden line in Autocad 2022?

Hide Lines in Layout Viewports

  1. Select the layout viewport in which you want to hide the lines.
  2. Click View tab Palettes panel Properties palette.
  3. On the Properties palette, under Misc, in the Shade Plot field, select Legacy Hidden.

How do you edit a bend in Inventor?

Edit a bend note

  1. Right-click a bend note, and select Edit Bend Note.
  2. In the Edit Bend Note dialog box, edit the bend note text in the edit field: …
  3. To change the precision of the Bend Angle, Bend Radius, and kFactor value, click Precision and Tolerance. …
  4. Select Part Units to use the measurement units of the model.

How do you add a bend line in Inventor?


  1. On the ribbon, click Flat Pattern tab Manage panel Bend Order Annotation. …
  2. Right-click, and then click Sequential Reorder.
  3. Click the Bend Order glyph to number 1 in the sequence.
  4. Click the Bend Order glyph that you want to be next in the specified sequence. …
  5. When finished, right-click and then click Done.
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