How do you hide a part of Catia?

How do you hide a sketch in Catia?

use the search function under the edit pull down. Search in the Part Design workbench for sketch. Use the select button. Under the Tools pull down select hide then select selected elements.

How do I show hidden items in Catia?

Hiding Objects

  1. Select an object. In our example, select the line.
  2. Click Hide/Show in the View toolbar, or select View > Hide/Show > Hide/Show . Note that you can also right-click the object then select Hide/Show . …
  3. Click Hide/Show again to display the object in the Show space.

How do I hide axis in Catia?

Edit, search, advanced, type, from element-select an axis. select search (binoculars),select, hide/show.

How do I hide annotations in Catia v5?

Click Capture in the Capture toolbar. The Capture Definition dialog box is displayed. Right-click the PartBody and its text annotation body1 in the specification tree and select Hide/Show contextual menu to hide them. Click OK.

How do I unhide all parts in assembly Catia?

The way to do it is to search for and select all the products that are hidden, then change the visibility on those. Perform the search to make sure it select all the products that you expect, then click the “Add To Favorites” button.

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How do you change the color of something in Catia?

How to Change the Surface Color in Catia V5

  1. Right-click “Part Body” in your project tree and select “Properties.” The “Properties” window appears on the screen. …
  2. Click the “Color” drop-down menu under “Fill” to open a list of color options.

How do you hide a plane in Catia v6?

Do a search (Ctrl F I think) and in the search window under element type select “plane” and hit the search button (binoculars). It will list all the planes, pick the select button to select all the planes then place your cursor over a plane, right click and pick hide.

How do I show axis in Catia?

Select Insert > Axis System from the menu bar or click Axis System . The Axis System Definition dialog box is displayed. An axis system is composed of an origin point and three orthogonal axes. For instance, you can start by selecting the vertex as shown to position the origin of the axis system you wish to create.

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