How do you get topography thickness in Revit?

How do you change topography material in Revit?

To view or change toposurface or subregion properties, open a 3D view or a site plan view, and then click Site tab Model Site panel (Toposurface). Select the surface material from the list. You can create your own toposurface material.

How do I change the Topography elevation in Revit?

Select the tool, select the toposurface, then select the floor. You’ll see the menu below appear. You can set the relative elevation to the toposurface, which you should adjust. Click OK and let the plugin calculate.

How do I create a topographic from DWG in Revit?

Create a 3D Toposurface from the inserted DWG file:

  1. Click the Toposurface tool on the Site tab of the Design bar.
  2. On the Design bar, click Use Imported > Import Instance.
  3. Select the DWG file.
  4. Select the layers to add points from.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Finish Surface.
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