How do you define a fillet in SolidWorks?

How do I create a fillet in SolidWorks?

To create a fillet:

  1. Click Fillet (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Fillet/Round.
  2. Set the PropertyManager options. For constant radius fillets only, you can use the FilletXpert to add or modify fillets and to manage fillet corners.
  3. Click .

How do you indicate a fillet in SolidWorks drawing?

To create a fillet in a sketch:

  1. In an open sketch, click Sketch Fillet. on the Sketch toolbar, or Tools > Sketch Tools > Fillet.
  2. Set the properties in the Sketch Fillet PropertyManager.
  3. Select the sketch entities to fillet. …
  4. Drag the preview to adjust the fillet size if necessary.
  5. Click.

What does the Fillet feature do?

Fillet feature dialog box

Adds fillets or rounds to one or more edges of a part, between two face sets, or between three adjacent face sets.

How do you use a variable fillet?

Creates a fillet with variable radii values. Use control points to help define the fillet.

Fillet Options.

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Default The application selects the Keep edge or Keep surface option.
Keep surface The fillet edge adjusts to be continuous and smooth, while the model edge changes to match the fillet edge.

What is the difference between a fillet and a chamfer?

Fillets describe rounded corners of a design (or part) that help to reduce stresses and prevent rapid deformation at the corners of the part. In contrast, chamfers are sloped or angled edges (usually at 45° or 60° ) of a design or part.

What are the fillet types in Solidworks?

Types of Fillets

Constant Size Fillet Multiple Radius Fillet
Setback Fillet Variable Size Fillet
Full Round Fillet Asymmetric Fillet

How do you specify a fillet on a drawing?

Double-click the drawing background to display the General arrangement drawing properties dialog box. Click Part or Pour object. If you need to change part representation for profiles, select Exact from the Part representation list. Under Additional marks, select the Fillet edges on/off check box.

What are fillets in engineering drawing?

In mechanical engineering, a fillet is a rounding of an interior or exterior corner of a part design. An interior or exterior corner, with an angle or type of bevel, is called a “chamfer”.

How do you fillet a circle in Solidworks?

Select the edge, and go to Insert > Features > and select Fillet/Round. In the property manager under Fillet Type, click Constant Size Fillet. Next, under Items to Fillet, select both Tangent Propagation and Full Preview. Under Fillet Parameters, select Symmetric in the drop down list and then set the radius to 40 mm.

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How do you reverse a fillet in Solidworks?

Make surface fillets with hold lines. Trim or keep the filleted surfaces in a face fillet. Make a variable radius fillet on a surface. Click Reverse Face Normal for a face set to reverse the fillet direction.

How do you fillet a 3D object in Solidworks?

To fillet multiple edges of a 3D solid using the Chain option:

  1. Click Solids > Solid Editing > Fillet edges (or type FilletEdges).
  2. Specify the Radius option.
  3. Specify the radius of the fillet arc.
  4. Specify the Chain option.
  5. Specify an edge tangent to an existing fillet on a 3D solid. …
  6. Press Enter.

What is variable fillet?

Variable radius fillets are curved surfaces defined according to a variable radius. A variable radius corner means that at least two different constant radii are applied to two entire edges. This task shows how to create a standard variable radius fillet.

Which type of fillet creates a more gradual change in curvature over an edge?

Applies Smooth (G2) fillets which are curvature continuous to adjacent faces. Applying this option causes changes in curvature to occur gradually, resulting in smoother, more aesthetically pleasing transitions between faces.

How do you add a radius in Catia?

Creating Variable Radius Fillets

  1. Enter a new radius value to simultaneously change the radius of both vertices. …
  2. Select the Propagation mode as Minimal . …
  3. Click the Points field then a point on the edge to be filleted. …
  4. Enter a new radius value for this point: enter 4. …
  5. Keep the variation mode as Cubic .
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