How do I start Ansys SpaceClaim?

How do you open a SpaceClaim in a workbench?

How to import SpaceClaim Geometry into Mechanical APDL

  1. Open your ANSYS workbench.
  2. Make an empty geometry cell in your project schematics.
  3. Right click on the geometry cell and select ‘import geometry’ and browse to assign an external CAD file or . …
  4. If needed, edit the geometry in SpaceClaim DM.

How do I start using ANSYS?

Open the Start menu and select the 16.2 Workbench or All Programs option, then choose the ANSYS 16.2 folder and click Workbench 16.2. The ANSYS Student Workbench 16.2 home page will open. Now you can start using ANSYS Student!

How do I open ANSYS design modeler?

Start ANSYS DesignModeler. In the ANSYS Workbench Project Schematic, double-click the Geometry cell in the elbow fluid flow analysis system. This displays the ANSYS DesignModeler application. You can also right-click on the Geometry cell to display the context menu where you can select the New Geometry…

Is Ansys a CAD software?

Electric Machine Design Software. Ansys Motor-CAD is a dedicated electric machine design tool for fast multiphysics simulation across the full torque-speed operating range.

Is SpaceClaim a CAD software?

SpaceClaim is a solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) software that runs on Microsoft Windows and developed by SpaceClaim Corporation.

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How do I import into SpaceClaim?

To import a design

  1. Select Open from the File menu or click in the Quick Access toolbar, or click the Insert tool in the Insert ribbon group on the Design. …
  2. Select Check geometry to run the geometry check after the file is opened or imported. …
  3. Navigate to and select the file you want to open or insert.

Is SpaceClaim better than Designmodeler?

Why: – If everything works correctly within Spaceclaim, the welding/connection process in Spaceclaim is significantly faster than in Design Modeler. – The “Show Contact” tool is buggy, and can cause an extreme amount of excess work to determine where the problem is coming from.

What is Ansys SpaceClaim?

Ansys SpaceClaim is the perfect modeling solution for engineers who want access to 3D answers but don’t have the time or inclination to learn complex traditional CAD systems. It provides you with tools to accelerate geometry preparation and get to simulation sooner while eliminating delays between design teams.

How do I set up ANSYS student?

Installation steps for the Ansys Student products from Release 18.0 onward:

  1. Extract (unzip) the downloaded installation files.
  2. Right-click on setup.exe and select Run as Administrator. …
  3. Read and accept the clickwrap to continue.
  4. Click the right arrow button to accept the default values throughout the installation.

Where is my ANSYS license file?

The default is C:Program FilesANSYS Inc. We recommend using the default directory.

How do I activate my ANSYS license?

Activating the entitlement

  1. Log into the Ansys Licensing Portal using your Ansys credentials.
  2. Activate your entitlement by adding or uploading the license server Host ID information you saved from the Ansys license manager on your license server.
  3. Save and download the license file.
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Can we design using Ansys?

Ansys 3D product design tools offer an intuitive, tremendously fast user experience that’s built for design engineering workflows. Teams can innovate more designs in less time, provide rapid design exploration and deliver detailed insight into real-world product performance.

What is Ansys design modeler?

The Ansys DesignModeler training course will teach users how to create and modify their geometry in preparation for their analysis in Ansys Workbench, this course is intended for both FEA and CFD users.

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