How do I set units in Draftsight?

How do you set a scale in DraftSight?

Scaling Entities

  1. Click Modify > Scale (or type Scale).
  2. In the graphics area, select entities to scale.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Specify the base point. …
  5. Enter the scale factor or specify the Reference option to enter a reference length and a new length.

How do I change dimension scales in DraftSight?

Click Format > Dimension Style (or type DimensionStyle). In the Options dialog box, the Drafting Styles page opens and Dimension expands. In Style, select a DimensionStyle to override. Click Activate.

How do I print a scale in Draftsight?

Printing under Windows

  1. Do one of the following: …
  2. In the dialog box, under Page layout options, select an option: …
  3. Under Printer/plotter: …
  4. Under Range, set the area to print. …
  5. Under Scale, set the output scale. …
  6. Select Print selected Sheets to select all of the Sheets you want to print.

How do you change decimal places?

By using a button:

Select the cells that you want to format. On the Home tab, click Increase Decimal or Decrease Decimal to show more or fewer digits after the decimal point.

How do I change the length of a line in Draftsight?

To change the length of an entity: Click Modify > Change Length (or type EditLength). In the graphics area, select an entity or specify an option: Dynamic: Lets you specify an entity, drag it to its new length, and click to fix the length.

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