How do I select all splines in AutoCAD?

How do I select all splines?

With splines you use shift+click to select multiple splines. Beware that you can multi-select both control points and segments this way.

How do you convert multiple splines to polylines?

To convert multiple splines at the same time, use the PEDIT command:

  1. At the command line in AutoCAD, type PEDIT.
  2. Type M for Multiple.
  3. Select the splines. …
  4. Type Y to Convert Lines, Arcs and Splines to polylines.
  5. Specify the precision <0-99>.
  6. Press the Esc key to exit the command.

Where can I find splines in AutoCAD?

Right click anywhere in your drawing space, and select the Quick Select option. In the dialog box that pops up, you have many options to filter your search. In your case, you’ll want to change the Object type option to spline, then change the Operator to Select All.

How do I select all instances in AutoCAD?

To select all objects of the same type: In the command bar, type QSELECT > Enter.

How do you select all annotations in AutoCAD?


  1. Enter SELECTSIMILAR on the command line.
  2. Select one of each of the AutoCAD® or Civil 3D® objects that you want to select (for example, one Mtext object, one line, one alignment, and one parcel).
  3. All of the items similar to the object type(s) you selected should now be highlighted.

Can you explode a spline in AutoCAD?

Use the SPLINEDIT command and convert it to a polyline. Then explode.

How do you convert spline to polyline in Civil 3D?

Converting Spline to Polyline

To convert a Spline into a polyline type PE on the command line press enter then select the spline from drawing area and press enter again. The spline will be converted into a polyline.

What are the two options for creating splines in AutoCAD?

A 1-degree spline results in a line; there is no bend. A 2-degree spline results in a parabola; there can be only one bend. A 3-degree spline results in a cubic Bezier curve; there can be two bends.

How do I edit a spline in AutoCAD?

To edit a spline, on the Home ribbon, expand the Modify panel and choose the Edit Spline tool. The program prompts you to select a spline. Click to select the spline on the left, which was created using fit points. The program displays a list of options.

How Do I Select a polyline in AutoCAD?

You can select a single arc or line segment, also called a subobject, within a polyline by pressing the Ctrl key when you click over it (not available in AutoCAD LT). If the polyline you select is a closed polyline, Open replaces the Close option in the prompt.

How do I find a polyline in AutoCAD?


  1. Enter the LIST command, which will display the area (and other information) at the Command line (pressing F2 will show and expanded Command window).
  2. Enter the PROPERTIES command or press CTRL+1, which will bring up the Properties palette. The Area will be shown in the Geometry section.
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