How do I rotate my screen Onshape?

How do you rotate and pan on an Onshape?

Click the Rotate icon, then click and drag your cursor in the direction you want your document to rotate. Click the Pan icon, then click and drag your cursor in the direction you want to pan your document. Click the Zoom to fit icon to automatically zoom your image to fit the middle of the screen.

How do I change my Onshape settings?

Set your personal preferences

  1. Open the User menu. (click your name in the right top corner of the window).
  2. Select My account from the menu.
  3. On the page that appears, select Preferences in the left panel.
  4. Make your preferential choices about your Onshape environment.
  5. Make sure to click Save for each section.

Where can you adjust view manipulation settings in Onshape?

To change these settings, select “Manage account” under your user name in the top right corner. Select “Preferences,” from the list on the left. Here you will find options for “View manipulation.” You can set rotate, pan, and zoom settings to match SolidWorks, NX 10, Creo, and AutoCAD.

How do you use a trackpad on Onshape?

At least on my computer, here’s what using my trackpad is like with Onshape:

  1. Click and drag with two fingers (right-click) -> rotate.
  2. Click and drag with three fingers (middle-click) -> pan.
  3. Swipe up and down with two fingers (scroll) -> zoom in and out smoothly respectively.
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How do I change the length of my Onshape?

To edit a placed dimension, double-click the value to activate the field, then enter the new value. Press Enter to accept the change.

  1. Click .
  2. Click a line to dimension one line, or two lines to dimension the distance between them. …
  3. Drag to visualize the dimension.

What Onshape allows you to rotate a model?

The transform tool actually has two options that may help you: you can rotate the part along any axis (an axis can be any linear edge, such as an edge on a 3d part or a sketch edge), so you should be able to set up a sketch through your part to act as the axis of your rotation.

Why is the Onshape background black?

The issue you are seeing could be a bug with Google SwiftShader. Furthermore the rendering performance is low as well. You may want to ensure Chrome is able to correctly use your graphics card.

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