How do I remove old SOLIDWORKS license from my computer?

How do I delete old SOLIDWORKS license?

STEP 1: Open the latest version of SOLIDWORKS installed on your computer. This can be done using the Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu. STEP 2: Select the Help Menu then Deactivate Licenses. STEP 3: Choose Select All from the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation Window, verify the e-mail address is correct, and hit Next.

Can I transfer SOLIDWORKS license to another computer?

SOLIDWORKS Stand-alone licenses can only be active on 1 computer at a time. However, you can transfer a license from one computer to another using the Transfer/Activate process.

Where is SOLIDWORKS license file located?

By default these programs are located under C:Program Files (x86)SolidWorks SolidNetWork License Manager.

How do I completely uninstall SOLIDWORKS?

Uninstall Products

  1. Click Change in Advanced Options. The Advanced Options screen appears. …
  2. Select one or more options to perform a custom uninstall, or select all options to perform a complete uninstall.
  3. Click Back to Summary.
  4. On the Summary screen, expand Advanced Options to display the uninstall method and entries.

How do I clean my registry in SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS: Performing a Clean Uninstall

  1. Access Programs and Features through Windows Control Panel. …
  2. Choose Product. …
  3. Select Items to Uninstall. …
  4. Review Summary.
  5. Reboot if Necessary. …
  6. Complete Uninstall. …
  7. Remove any Registry Locations that Remain. …
  8. Delete Entries.
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How do I deactivate and activate SOLIDWORKS license?

In SOLIDWORKS, you clicked > Licenses > Activate. (You are in Activate mode.) In SOLIDWORKS, you clicked > Licenses > Deactivate .

Can you have SOLIDWORKS on 2 computers?

If you are installing SOLIDWORKS on multiple computers, you can create an administrative image and then deploy the application to other computers.

How do I change my SOLIDWORKS license?

To update the license you need to reset it in your installation by doing the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. Select SolidWorks and click on Change.
  3. In the GUI that opens, select Modify the individual installation.
  4. Enter the new key.
  5. Click through Next to the end.
  6. Click Modify now.

How do I download the license manager for SOLIDWORKS?

Please go to the SOLIDWORKS download page and choose the SOLIDWORKS year version that you would like to install. (Please note that you will need to login before you can get to that website.) Follow the instructions to download and start the executable.

Can’t return SOLIDWORKS license no such feature exists?

SOLIDWORKS Network License not returned to the Server likely indicates there is interference with the vendor daemon communication. By default the SNL manager uses a dynamic vendor daemon port, so some security software or firewall may be causing the communication back to the license manager to fail.

Can SOLIDWORKS license be shared?

Standalone SOLIDWORKS License

Standalone licenses are for one user only – meaning two users may not share one standalone license, even if they are using them at different times .

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What is a clean uninstall?

A clean uninstall refers to using the regular uninstaller plus performing steps to ensure any bad files or registry entries are removed.

Can I delete SOLIDWORKS data folder?

Adds a folder for the selected type of document. To create a folder to add, click Make New folder in the Select Folder dialog box. Deletes the selected folder.

Default File Locations.

File Type Default Location
Design Library C:ProgramDataSOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS version Design Library

How do I uninstall SOLIDWORKS 2019?

In Windows, open Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Select SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager, click Remove, and confirm the deletion.

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