How do I publish a Revit model to a 360?

Click Collaborate tab Manage Models panel (Manage Cloud Models). Select a BIM 360 project. From that project, select a model from the list and click (Publish Latest) to publish the latest version of that model. Click Publish to confirm.

How do I share a published model on BIM 360?

To share using this method:

  1. Publish your models from Revit to Design Collaboration using Revit Cloud Worksharing.
  2. Create a package and share your models with other teams. …
  3. Your team or other teams can link directly to the models in this Shared folder to see the latest work shared from other teams.

What is shared folder in BIM 360?

When the BIM 360 Design Collaboration module is activated for a BIM 360 project, a subfolder within the Project Files is created of the name “Shared”. … Once the folder is created, any Project Admin and members with Folder Control permission have the ability to re-name the folder.

What does publish do in BIM 360?

Click Publish Latest. When you do, a Publish dialog opens, informing you that you are about the publish the latest version of the model to BIM 360 Team. … Once the process is complete, all members of the project can access and collaborate on the latest version of the model in BIM 360 Team.

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How do I get BIM 360 in Revit 2022?

To access BIM 360 projects, click on the Autodesk Docs icon and an account/project navigator will appear on the right-hand side of the home page.

How do I get BIM 360 in Revit 2020?

Starting with Revit 2020, there is a new way for BIM 360 Design users to initiate workshared cloud models.

  1. Create a new Revit model or open an existing model.
  2. Use the Collaborate tab to enable worksets.
  3. Save the workshared file to BIM 360 Document Management by selecting “Save As > Cloud Model” in the File menu.

Link Files

  1. Open your authoring application.
  2. Open the relevant file.
  3. Select Add a Linked File and navigate to that file in the connected drive.
  4. Add the link and save your file. Note: The created link works for anyone using the file who has installed Desktop Connector for BIM 360.

How do I access files on BIM 360?

With Desktop Connector for BIM 360, you can navigate and open files locally that are stored in the Document Management module.

Navigate Accounts and Projects

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click the BIM 360 data source.
  3. Open the account you wish to access.
  4. Locate and open a project.
  5. Browse the project folders as desired.

How do I create a folder on BIM 360?

Add Folders

  1. In the folder tree, right-click a folder and click Add Subfolder. A new folder appears below the parent folder.
  2. Enter a name and press Enter.

How do I build a BIM 360 package?

Create Submittal Package

  1. Click the Module Selector .
  2. Switch to the Submittals tab in the Project Management toolbar.
  3. At the top of the screen, click Packages.
  4. Select Create New Package.
  5. Enter your information: Spec Section: Select an existing section or create a new one. …
  6. When done, click Create.
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