How do I edit project admin on Fusion 360?

How do I remove an admin from project Fusion?

You have to go to the Data Panel in Fusion 360. Right click the project you want to delete and choose Archive. Then I guess you have to go to the cloud and choose the tab ARCHIVED and there you find it. select it and choose delete.

Where is the admin project in Fusion 360?

Switch to the Team Hub the Admin Project is stored in:

  1. Click the Profile Name in the top right corner of the Fusion 360 user interface.
  2. Select “Switch Team”
  3. Select the appropriate Team Hub.

How do I add people to my Fusion 360 project?

From the Fusion 360 Data Panel:

  1. To invite other people to a project, in the upper part of the Data Panel click the People. tab.
  2. Enter an email address of another Fusion 360 user who you would like to have access. Once added, the user will receive an email notifying him or her of their addition.
  3. Click Invite.
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How do I delete an editable document in Fusion 360?

Right-click the file in the data panel. Select Delete.

Where are ARCHIVED projects in Fusion 360?

How to restore archived projects in Fusion 360

  • Visit Fusion Team.
  • There will be 4 tabs along the top (All, Owned by me, Shared with me, Archived).
  • Select Archived.
  • Hover over the project and click Restore.

Where can a user create and manage projects in Fusion 360?

Just access A360 within a web browser. at the top of the Data Panel within Fusion 360. This will launch your default web browser, displaying the dashboard for the respective project. On the left-hand side you will see the Activity Feed that displays all recent activity (by all collaborators) in the project.

Where can I find Autodesk files?

Solution: After you download your software, you can find the installation files in various places. If you downloaded your software from Autodesk Account or another source, check the default download folder for your Web browser, your Desktop, the Downloads folder, or the System > Autodesk folder.

How do I delete a project folder in Fusion 360?

Delete folders

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to delete.
  2. Hover over the folder, right-click and select Delete.

How do I rename a project in Fusion 360?

How to rename a project/folder/file in Fusion 360

  1. Right click on the desired Project, Folder, or File that needs to be renamed.
  2. Click rename.
  3. Click enter.

Can two people work on Fusion 360 at the same time?

Multiple users can open the same file simultaneously but when one user saves the design as a new version, changes made by that user won’t be reflected for other users automatically right away. The other users will need to close the design and then re-open the latest version of the design.

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Can multiple people work on Fusion 360?

Now you know how to set up a new collaborative project in Fusion 360 so that you and your project members can collaborate on it simultaneously. Want to learn more about collaborating in Fusion 360? Check out this Autodesk University presentation.

What is Fusion 360 team?

A Fusion Team is where you access your Fusion 360 and project data, and the data is stored in the cloud. Through Fusion Team, you can control roles (permissions), files, versions, markups, and add comments, and recover deleted files. You can invite members to your Fusion Team and control their access to your files.

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