How do I change the position of a command manager in SOLIDWORKS?

How do you get the command manager back to the top in SOLIDWORKS?

Accessing the CommandManager

If it does not appear, you can re-enable it from the Customize dialog box. To access the CommandManager: Click Tools > Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select Enable CommandManager.

How do I move the toolbar in SOLIDWORKS?

To move a toolbar: Drag the toolbar by the handle at the start of the toolbar: Toward a different location in the window border or a different window border. Away from the window border to float the toolbar in the graphics area.

How do you Uncollapse command manager in SOLIDWORKS?

To collapse the CommandManager, click . In the collapsed view, click a tab to expand the CommandManager and access the tools. In the expanded view, click to keep the CommandManager expanded. Search ‘Collapsible CommandManager’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do I move the command manager to the top?

To float the CommandManager: Drag the CommandManager by its tab. It becomes a separate floating window. Once it is floating, you can drag the CommandManager anywhere on or outside the SOLIDWORKS window.

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How do I reset a layout in SOLIDWORKS?

To return all toolbar options to the system defaults, click Reset To Defaults. To specify which toolbars appear for part, assembly, or drawing documents: Open a part, assembly, or drawing document. Click Tools > Customize, or right-click in the window border and select Customize.

How do you move a command in SOLIDWORKS?

To move, copy, rotate, or mate a solid or surface body:

  1. Click Move/Copy Bodies (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Move/Copy . …
  2. Click Translate/Rotate or Constraints at the bottom of the PropertyManager (if necessary) to switch to the page you want.
  3. Set options in the PropertyManager.

How do I reset my SOLIDWORKS toolbar?

Right-click in the window border, click Toolbars, and select or clear a toolbar.

How do you use property managers in SOLIDWORKS?

The PropertyManager appears on the PropertyManager tab in the panel to the left of the graphics area. It opens when you select entities or commands defined in the PropertyManager. You can choose whether it opens in other cases in Tools > Options > System Options > General .

How do you undock command manager in SOLIDWORKS?

To dock the CommandManager when it is floating, do one of the following:

  1. While dragging the CommandManager on the SOLIDWORKS window, move the pointer over a docking icon: Dock above. Dock left. Dock right.
  2. Double-click the floating CommandManager to revert to the last docking position.

How do I undock a tab in SOLIDWORKS?

New drag/undock method

  1. Right-click on the Command Manager and select Customize from the shortcut menu.
  2. In the customize dialog enable the option Lock Command Manager and toolbars as shown in the figure below.
  3. Pick OK.
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How do I undock the toolbar in SOLIDWORKS?

Prior to SOLIDWORKS 2016, if you clicked anywhere on the toolbar that did not have a button, the move pointer allowed you to undock the toolbar. With SOLIDWORKS 2016, the move zone is limited to the handle. If you click anywhere else on the toolbar, a message tells you to drag the toolbar by the handle to undock it.

Does SOLIDWORKS have a command line?

The command line appears at the bottom of the screen when you open a document. To turn off the emulator, click Tools > Add-Ins , and clear the SolidWorks 2D Emulator check box. While in a SolidWorks document with the 2D Emulator active, you can display or hide the command line.

How do you write commands in SOLIDWORKS?

Start typing a search query in the SOLIDWORKS Search box.

Searching for Commands

  1. To locate a command in the SOLIDWORKS user interface, hover over the command in the results list and click Show Command Location .
  2. To run a command, click the command, or highlight the command and press Enter.
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