Frequent question: How fast is a Yamaha Rhino 660?

How fast will a 660 rhino go?

How Fast Is A Yamaha Rhino 660? The OEM CDI limited the Rhino’s top speed to about 35 miles per hour or so.

How fast is a Yamaha Rhino 700?

Top speed was 42 mph when it hits the rev-limiter. Aftermarket products will fix this, but it would have been nice for Yamaha to move that up to about 50 mph from the factory.

How much is a Yamaha Rhino 660 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $9,599 $5,230
Options (Add)
Total Price $9,599 $5,230

Are Yamaha Rhino 660 any good?

The Rhino has a dry weight of 1049 lbs., but even with the a bone stock engine we were quite impressed. The Rhino borrowed technology from Yamaha’s already proven 4×4 660 Grizzly (engine, transmission, and front and rear differentials). The Rhino is great for cruising around the flats. Very comfortable.

How fast does a 2007 Yamaha Rhino go?

That may be about right. I think the top speed for the 660 and 700 Rhino is only about 42-44 MPH.

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How fast will a Yamaha Rhino 450 go?

In fact, the 450 is exactly the same size and weight as the 660 version, just over 54 inches wide and 1031 lbs. It also hauls the same 400 lb. payload as the 660 and reaches the same 37 mph speed-limited top speed.

How fast is a 2009 Yamaha Rhino 700?

Top speed, however, is limited to 42 mph tops, thanks to the stock machine’s rev limiter.

What is the value of a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660?

A 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 4×4 took the second spot, with 612 customer views on Its wholesale value is $4,800, with a KBB trade-in value of $4,365 and an average market research price of $5,088.

How much horsepower does a Rhino 660 have?

Well, stock Rhino 660 is about 23hp. Basic 686 is about 35 with carb and exhaust. More elaborate 686s with head porting are about 42 hp. 686s with aggressive porting/cams are up over 50 hp.

How long is a Yamaha Rhino 660?

2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 Auto 4×4 Specifications

Technical Specifications:
Length (ft) 9.47
Width (in/mm) 54.5 / 1384.3
Height (in/mm) 73 / 1854.2

Is 2006 Rhino fuel injected?

Electronic fuel injection ensures peak performance in nearly all conditions and elevations, along with instantaneous cold starts. Tough, rotomolded doors keep mud, water and dirt on the trail where they belong. New four-wheel disc brakes provide unsurpassed stopping power, and a new parking brake is super convenient.

What years did Yamaha make Rhino 660?

The Yamaha Rhino was a popular off-road vehicle produced by Yamaha Motor Company from 2004 to 2012. It was designed for a driver and passenger with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

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Is 2007 Yamaha Rhino fuel injected?

05-07 are 660 carbonated and 08 and up are fuel injected.

How wide is a 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660?

2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 Auto 4×4 Specifications

Width (in/mm) 54.5 / 1384.3
Height (in/mm) 73 / 1854.2
Wheelbase (in/mm) 75.2 / 1910.1
Turning Radius (ft) 12.8
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