Frequent question: How do I change the color of part of my Catia V5?

How do I edit part of Catia?

Open the Edit1. CATPart document. Double-click the draft to be edited (in the specification tree or in the geometry area).

command which will display the edit dialog box.

  1. Enter a new draft angle value.
  2. Click OK . …
  3. Now, double-click the pad. …
  4. Enter a new length value.
  5. Uncheck the Mirrored extent option.

How do you change the color of materials in Catia?


  1. Select the object whose graphic properties you want to display. …
  2. Select Edit > Properties command (or press ALT+Enter ) or right-click then select Properties . …
  3. Click the Graphic tab to display the graphic properties of the current object: …
  4. To set object colors, use the Color list. …
  5. Select the desired color.

How do I change annotations in Catia?

Editing Annotation Font Properties

  1. Double-click the text to switch it to edit mode.
  2. Select the whole text (you can also select only part of the text) and then select Edit> Properties . You can also right-click the selected text, then choose Properties .
  3. In the Properties dialog box that appears, select the Font tab.

How do you change texture in Catia?

Select Edit > Properties (or use one of the other methods detailed in About Material Properties) to open the Properties dialog box. Click the Texture tab in the Properties dialog box: In the Image Name box, navigate to locate the desired image, and click OK to map it onto the preview element as the texture.

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How do I change my theme on Catia?

3 Answers. Just go to tools and there in options go to display (left side) ther u get it.

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