Can I use Lumion online?

Can I use Lumion for free?

All of the latest tools, features, effects, and content in Lumion 12 Pro are now available and completely free for full-time students at universities, colleges, and other higher learning institutions around the world.

Is Lumion a one time fee?

Thank you for your interest in Lumion. The license is a “perpetual” license. That means that after paying for the current version you can use the license without having to pay any further license fees if you so wish. There are no fixed, required monthly or annual etc licenses fees to pay.

Is Lumion subscription based?

Hi Vali Metes, Thank you for your interest in Lumion. Currently we don’t have a monthly subscription. IMPORTANT: Please do not send private messages and emails to members of staff – unless we specifically ask you to send us sensitive information, for example License Keys.

Which software is better than Lumion?

Vray is a render engine that works as a plugin that can be integrated with 3D software such as 3Dsmax, Sketchup, Revit and so on. It is known for its high performance in rendering work because it shows the texture and materials realistically in renders.

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Is VRAY free for students?

Students and Teachers can now purchase a one-year license beginning at $99 per platform. Special pricing for students and teachers is available for most versions of V-Ray and PhoenixFD, with upgrades included free over the course of the year.

Is Lumion easy to learn?

Nothing difficult, no complicated settings to adjust and everything intuitively easy to find. It’s as easy for a beginner as it is for an expert. These features in Lumion are like plug-and-play equipment.

Is Lumion a lifetime license?

When you buy a Lumion license, you are getting what is called a ‘floating license. ‘ These are effectively the same as network licenses. You can use the license indefinitely and you can install a single Lumion license key on multiple computers that belong to you (either a natural person or legal entity).

How do you get a Lumion student?

Download Lumion

If accepted, you will receive a ‘Getting Started with Lumion’ email with your License Key and a link to the download manager. You will also be able to download the student version from your Lumion Account.

How do I remove Lumion watermark?

Your watermark has gotten removed like magic. Similarly, in the case of the image, click on the selection tool. Select the watermark portion and adjust the selection tool size. Now click on the “remove now” option.

What can I use instead of Lumion?

Top 10 Alternatives to Lumion

  • SketchUp.
  • Blender.
  • Cinema 4D.
  • V-Ray.
  • Enscape.
  • Twinmotion.
  • Artlantis.
  • Corona Renderer.

Is Lumion and SketchUp the same?

Lumion is compatible with almost all 3D design software programs and it offers seamless import of native SketchUp (. skp) files. If you need to export your model as a different file type, such as DWG, COLLADA or FBX, Lumion’s broad compatibility makes it easy to import all of your models into one Lumion project.

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Should I learn V-Ray or Lumion?

After comparing Vray vs Lumion, it was clear that Lumion is the better choice for us when doing full renderings. However, we won’t completely ditch Vray. It can still be used for things that have no textures or specialty lighting, so we may use it for quick studies like clay massing or simple models.

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