Can I open BIMx in ArchiCAD?

What program opens BIMx?

The BIMx Desktop Viewer for Windows and macOS (OS X) comes with ArchiCAD.

How do I use a BIMx File?

Double-click the BIMx model to open it in the viewer, or use the File > Open command from the BIMx menu. To access the BIMx menu, press the ESC key.

What files can ArchiCAD open?

Image Formats

.BMP Bitmap Image Format
.PCT Macintosh Picture Image File
Import: Can be linked into ARCHICAD as Drawing
.ICO Windows Icon File
Import: Can be linked into ARCHICAD as Drawing

What is ArchiCAD BIMx? BIMx is a set of desktop and mobile software tools to interactively present the 3D model and 2D documentation of Building Information Models created with ArchiCAD through a much simpler and intuitive interface than ArchiCAD’s complex BIM authoring environment’s UI.

Is BIMx viewer free?

The BIMx Hyper-model Viewer is available for the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS for free.

Can I open a BIMx file in Sketchup?

BimX only lets you look at the model and drawings. It does not export anything. You would have to get the Archicad file saved to the skp format for you to work with it.

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What is BIMx desktop viewer?

GRAPHISOFT’s mobile BIM communication tool, BIMx, allows you to explore architectural designs interactively through the BIM model on iOS and Android mobile devices. It features the ‘BIMx Hyper-model’, a unique technology for navigating the integrated 2D drawing sheets and 3D Building Information Models.

How do I open an old ArchiCAD File?

How do I open really old files? Download the Archicad 7.0 File Converter package. With this, you can open files as old as 4.1. Then, once converted to Archicad 7.0 format, you can open the file in Archicad 10.

Which is better ArchiCAD or revit?

ArchiCAD is by far the better tool for architectural design. Revit has far more features for building engineering but it is frankly pretty much crap as a design tool. Both are good at automating document production but ArchiCAD is much easier and more sophisticated in its capabilities in this regard.

Can you open OBJ in ArchiCAD?

File Formats for Importing into ARCHICAD

Once you’ve found the part you need, the next challenge is finding a format that can be imported into ARCHICAD. That’s where ModelPort comes into play. ModelPort translates a number of file formats – OBJ, FBX, Modo, Blender and more – into ARCHICAD-compatible files.

Can you open archicad files in Revit?

IFC Model Exchange with Archicad for Revit

IFC Model Exchange with Archicad is a free Add-In for Autodesk Revit. The Add-In improves the IFC model-based and bi-directional data exchange between GRAPHISOFT® Archicad® and Autodesk® Revit®.

What is a BIMx hyper model?

The BIMx model is known as a “Hyper-model” (file format . bimx). The BIMx model can contain the full documentation of your ARCHICAD project: the 3D model, plus any views, layouts and camera path. However, depending on the application with which you explore the Hyper-model, you may only be able to access the 3D content.

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What can archicad do?

ARCHICAD is an architectural BIM CAD software for Macintosh and Windows developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft. ARCHICAD offers computer aided solutions for handling all common aspects of aesthetics and engineering during the whole design process of the built environment — buildings, interiors, urban areas, etc.

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