Best answer: How do you remove an endpoint in SketchUp?

Just click or drag over them with the Eraser tool to delete guides individually. You can also right-click them and choose Erase from the context menu. Erase all your guides at once. Choosing Edit, Delete Guides does just that.

How do you find endpoints in SketchUp?

Gully_Foyle: Or simply turn on endpoint display in Styles > Edit > Edge settings. Set the value to 2 or 3 to get endpoints that are clearly visible but not overwhelming.

How do I remove unwanted lines in SketchUp?

Here are the ways you can use the Eraser:

  1. Click an edge with the Eraser tool cursor. If you select the Eraser tool from any of the toolbars, you can click an edge to erase it and any faces it bounds. …
  2. Click and drag over multiple lines with the Eraser tool. …
  3. Delete a face with the context menu. …
  4. Delete selected geometry.

How do you show vertices in Sketchup?

Re: Show points/vertices

In the menu: Window > Styles > Edit > Edge Settings > check Endpoints. Arcs will not show all the segment endpoints, neither will curves. Only after exploding to separate segments will you see the endpoints.

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What happens when you triple click a face in Sketchup?

Select > Connected Faces selects all the faces connected to the selected entity. Select > All Connected selects all entities connected to the selected entity. (The result is the same as triple-clicking the entity.) … If you your model doesn’t contain any layers, the result is also the same as triple-clicking.

What action does the zoom tool perform?

What action does the Zoom tool perform? Allows you to move your model quickly.

Can you erase in sketch?

You can use the Erase tool to erase any sketches on the canvas made using the Sketch tool. Click on the Erase button to activate it. Click and drag across a sketch to erase it.

How do you smooth lines in SketchUp?

How to Smooth Unsightly Edges in SketchUp

  1. Use the Eraser. To smooth edges with the Eraser tool, hold down the Ctrl key (Option on the Mac) while you click or drag over the edges you want to smooth.
  2. Use the Soften Edges panel.

How do you edit vertices in SketchUp?

Activate the select or arrow tool. Hover over the component, right click, edit component. Select the Move tool, hover over the vertex to be edited.

How do you merge walls in Sketchup?

Right-click on the selection and choose “Intersect.” From the options, choose “Intersect with Model.” Click off the object to deselect it. If you now triple-click on that area again, you will see that both of the objects you used are now selected, proving that they are now one merged object.

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