Best answer: How do I delete a Revit model in BIM 360?

How do I archive a BIM 360 Revit Model?

To archive a project, select the project on the Project tab > Archive > Archive. To restore a project, select the project on the Project tab > Restore.

How can I delete my Bim Bim account?


  1. Go to Project > BIM 360 Glue, Field, or Plan > Project Admin > Members.
  2. Reassign all members associated to that company.
  3. Go to BIM 360 Account Admin.
  4. Delete the company.

While models are still in progress and being reviewed and shared you can link them to BIM 360. You can link models using Revit Cloud Worksharing or Desktop connector. To decide how to link your models see visual workflow: Set Up BIM 360 Design.

How do I delete projects on BIM 360?

By design, there is no way to delete a project from your BIM 360 account. You can change the status of a project to Archived.

To archive a project:

  1. Go to Account Admin, select the project to be Archived.
  2. Select the Profile tab, which will display the project information.
  3. Change the status of the project to Archived.

How do you use a model BIM 360?

To consume a package, click on the circle to select the it, then click the Consume button. After consuming: In the Design Collaboration module, the package timeline dot will appear filled with color.

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Just needed to be in a 3D view. HI, You have to double click in view port and gray out option shall automatically activate in manage links.

What does consumed mean in BIM 360?

The Consumed folder within BIM360 Design is a temporary holding area for linking in 3rd party models. For example, an Architect will have a Consumed folder and the Structural Engineer will have their own separate Consumed folder.

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