Your question: Where is construction standard element Catia?

How do I create a construction element in Catia?

Click Standard/Construction from the Sketch tools toolbar so that the elements you are now going to create be either standard or construction element.

How do I project 3D elements in Catia?

Double-click the left view to activate it. Click Project 3D Elements in the 3D Geometry toolbar or select Insert > 3D Geometry Use Edges > Project 3D Elements from the menu bar. Select the element to be projected. For the purpose of our scenario, select the bigger circle in the front view.

Where is sketch analysis Catia?

Select Tools > Sketch Analysis from the menu bar. Or alternatively, click Sketch Analysis in the Tools toolbar ( 2D Analysis Tools sub-toolbar). The Sketch Analysis dialog box appears. It contains three tabs: Geometry , Projections / Intersections and Diagnostic .

How do I open sketch tools in Catia?

In CATIA, a sketch is drawn in the Sketcher workbench. To invoke the Sketcher workbench, choose the down arrow available on the right of the Sketcher button in the Sketcher toolbar; a flyout appears.

How do you fix feature definition in Catia?

RE: Feature Definition Error in V510

I’d just delete the old draft and add a new one in it’s place. If you have the time to track it down; try replacing one input at a time until you can pinpoint the problem.

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What is the default primary spacing for grid in Catia?

For Primary Spacing enter 50 mm and for Graduations enter 5 mm. Primary Spacing refers to the bold lines in the grid.

How do you convert standard geometric elements into construction elements in Catia?

Converting Standard into Construction Elements

Open the Construction_Standard. CATPart document. Select the line (standard type) you wish to convert into a construction line.

How do I project a surface in Catia?

CATPart document.

  1. Click Projection . …
  2. Select the element to be Projected . …
  3. Select the Support element.
  4. Use the combo to specify the direction type for the projection: …
  5. Whenever several projections are possible, the nearest projection can be kept by checking Nearest Solution . …
  6. Click OK to create the projection element.
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