Your question: How do I cut parts in Catia V5?

How do I cut a surface in CATIA v5?

The Basic Split

Fire up the command, pick the surface that is to be cut down, then click the items that will be used to cut it. In the image below, I want to cut the blue surface and use the yellow one to chop it down.

What is the use of cut part by sketch plane in CATIA?

It is utilized to hide the strong bit, which appears in front of sketch and incapacitates us to work easily.

How do you split faces in CATIA?

Splitting Closed Surfaces by Two Connex Surfaces or Curves

  1. Click Join . The Join Definition dialog box appears.
  2. Select Split. 1 and Inverse. …
  3. Clear Check connexity .
  4. Click OK to create the joined surface.
  5. Click Split . The Split Definition dialog box is displayed.
  6. Select Surface. …
  7. Click OK to split the closed surface.

Where is trim option in Catia?

Open the Sketcher_01. CATPart document and ensure that the Geometrical Constraints option is activated: Click Quick Trim . The Quick Trim options are displayed in the Sketch tools toolbar.

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How do I cut volume in Catia?

You can edit a Trim feature and modify the cutting volume. To do so, simply double-click the feature in the specification tree and then select a new volume in the Cutting volume field. You can also swap the input volumes: right-click the Volume to trim field and select the Swap operands contextual item.

How do you cut materials in Catia?

You can remove material using split and trim command. Split simply cuts the material and trim is the combination of trim and join. If you want to trim, join and give fillet to material, use shape fillet command.

How do you cut a shape in Catia?

For this:

  1. Select Tools > Options from the menu bar. The Options dialog box is displayed.
  2. Expand the Digital Mockup category from the left-hand tree.
  3. Select DMU Optimizer item to display the corresponding tab. …
  4. Select the 3D Cut option: it is automatically activated as an alternate shape.

How do I create a section in Catia?

Creating a Section View

  1. Click the Drawing window, and click the Offset Section View icon. from the Views toolbar (Sections subtoolbar).
  2. Select the holes and points required for sketching the callout on the view. …
  3. Double-click to end the cutting profile creation.

How do you trim Catia curves?

Select the Cutting field in the Break dialog box and select the surface and the curve as shown. Click the Limitation List icon: The Limitation List dialog box appears. You can manage inside this dialog box the limiting elements: remove or replace.

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How do you close geometry in CATIA?

Assuming you are working on a CATIA sketch…. One way to close the corner is to use the TRIM tool and select the two lines that form the sharp corner. Another way is to use the CLOSE OPEN PROFILE tool that is found in Sketch Analysis.

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