You asked: How do you make a balcony on Sweet Home 3D?

How do I change the elevation in Sweet Home 3D?

To access the window to modify the levels right click on the level tab, top left, you can only modify the level you choose. In the example i chose a basement wall height of 2200 mm just to show a difference, you can see the wall height + floor thickness = elevation.

How do I change the angle in Sweet Home 3D?

You draw a zero angled wall and then add a perpendicular wall. Then you select them both an rotate the selection to whatever angle you want.

How do I install Sweet Home 3D on Windows?

To install Sweet Home 3D, drag and drop the application in the folder of your choice. Under Windows: Run the downloaded installation program, and follow the instructions from the installation wizard.

How do I print Sweet Home 3D online?

In SweetHome3d, go to File -> Page Setup -> Page Format -> Paper. Select your new custom page layout. Now you should be able to do File –> Print to PDF… and it will use your custom page layout.

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