What do a floor plan and an elevation show?

An “elevation” is a drawing that shows the front or side of something. A floor plan, by contrast, shows a space from above – as if you are looking down on the room from the ceiling. Thus, you see the tops of everything, but you cannot view the front, side or back of an object.

What does an elevation plan show?

An elevation drawing is a view of a building seen from one side. … An Elevation is an image that shows the height, length, width and appearance of a building or structure.

What is the main purpose of elevation in floor plan?

An elevation drawing is an orthographic projection drawing that shows one side of the house. The purpose of an elevation drawing is to show the finished appearance of a given side of the house and furnish vertical height dimensions. Four elevations are customarily drawn, one for each side of the house.

What do floor plans elevations and sections tell you about a building?

Plans, elevations, sections, and details are the drawing types used most often to convey information required for construction. … Plan drawings may also include Enlarged Floor Plans showing more detail about a certain element of the building such as stairs.

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What is plan view and elevation view?

Plans and elevations are 2D drawings of a 3D shape. A plan is a scale drawing showing a 3D shape when it is looked at from above. An elevation is the view of a 3D shape when it is looked at from the side or from the front.

How do you plan elevation?

To Create a 2D or 3D Elevation

  1. Draw an elevation line in the drawing.
  2. Select the elevation line.
  3. Click Building Elevation Line tab Modify panel Generate Elevation.
  4. Select the type of elevation object you want to create: …
  5. For Style to Generate, select a style for a 2D elevation.

What does C stand for on a floor plan?

House plan abbreviations

C Cooker
CAB Cabinet
CBD / CPD Cupboard
CD Clothes dryer

What is a traffic pattern in your home?

A critical element of any floor plan is the traffic pattern—how one travels from one room to another. The best way to determine whether a plan has a logical traffic flow is to imagine living in the house and how you might walk from one area to another.

Why is front view called elevation?

Along a horizontal axis (often the z-axis): The front and back views, which are known as elevations (because they show the heights of features of an object such as a building).

What is a top view?

What you see when you look at something from directly above.

Is plan view the same as top view?

A plan view is an orthographic projection of a 3-dimensional object from the position of a horizontal plane through the object. … Basically, a plan view is just another name for the top view of a 3D object.

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