Question: How do I delete an object in InfraWorks?

How do I delete a road in InfraWorks?

Delete is available when you are in “Select Mode”. To enter Select Mode, toggle the View settings menu from the Utility Bar, and turn Edit Mode off. Now, when you select a road and right-click, you can delete.

How do I send an InfraWorks file?


  1. Sign in to InfraWorks and open a local model.
  2. Click to open the Publish Model dialog box. …
  3. In the Publish Model dialog, select a BIM 360 Document Management project folder as the publish location for your model.
  4. Checkmark any proposals or resources that you want to publish with the model.

How do I delete a model in InfraWorks?

From InfraWorks Home: Hover over the model’s tile to display , the icon for deleting the model. Click .

Deleting from Manage Online Models:

  1. Click to display a horizontal menu.
  2. Click to open Manage Online Models and Scenarios dialog.
  3. Select the model and Click Delete .

How do I import 3D models into InfraWorks?

Do one of the following: Drag and drop the model file onto the InfraWorks window. Click Manage Content .

To import 3D models

  1. Click (Add File Data Source).
  2. Click 3D Model.
  3. Open the model file. InfraWorks supports FBX, IMX, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, and DXF files.
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How do I import Civil 3D into InfraWorks?

To add Autodesk Civil 3D data to an InfraWorks Model

  1. Click Manage Content. …
  2. Click. …
  3. Do either: …
  4. The Choose Data Sources panels appears and lists which data can be brought in as InfraWorks model objects. …
  5. Choose the data source types to bring into the model at this time and click OK.

How do I open an IMX file in InfraWorks?

To import Autodesk IMX data

  1. Click Add File Data Source.
  2. Click Autodesk IMX.
  3. Open the file you exported.
  4. Select the feature classes to import. Each feature class will appear under its respective category in the Data Sources list. For example, imported surfaces will appear under Terrain.

How do I delete a project on BIM 360?

By design, there is no way to delete a project from your BIM 360 account. You can change the status of a project to Archived.

When you open a InfraWorks model what is already modeled?

When you open an existing cloud model in the latest release of InfraWorks, InfraWorks downloads a local copy of the into the cloud model cache and displays the model.

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