Is Autodesk ReCap cloud based?

How does Autodesk ReCap work?

ReCap Photo is an Autodesk 360 service designed to create high resolution 3D data from photos to enable users to visualize and share 3D data. By leveraging the power of the cloud to process and store massive data files, users can upload images on Autodesk 360 and instantly create a 3D mesh model.

Is Autodesk ReCap being discontinued?

Autodesk® is discontinuing the ReCap™ Mobile app. We’re excited to offer Cyclone REGISTER 360 BLK Edition with the Cyclone FIELD 360 companion app as a powerful alternative so you can keep scanning, gain efficiency, and unlock the full potential of your BLK360.

What is the difference between Autodesk ReCap and ReCap photo?

In short: ReCap Pro is for scanner and point cloud data. ReCap Photo is for photogrammetry and mesh data. Both software are bundle together as part of our reality capture technology stack.

What is the difference between ReCap and ReCap Pro?

Solution: ReCap Pro and ReCap (free) are the same desktop application with the same download and contain both the free and term-based subscription service (pro) features.

Is Autocad a ReCap part?

The “Recap” part of the name is short for “reality capture”, and the system is included in the Autodesk Design Suite. If you already have the software installed, then Recap was very likely installed at the same time.

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Is Autodesk ReCap Pro free?

Students and educators can get free one-year educational access to Autodesk products and services, renewable as long as you remain eligible. If you are a student or educator, you can access free ReCap Pro software with an Autodesk Education plan.

What is AutoCAD ReCap?

Autodesk’s ReCap software is a simple-to-use package that allows you to directly open point cloud files and, with the help of a few customizable import settings, filter data you don’t need and work with your files in a more manageable size.

Does ReCap Pro include ReCap photo?

Photo processing capabilities in ReCap Pro (video: 1:59 min.) ReCap Photo, a cloud-based service of ReCap Pro, processes drone photography to create digital representations of current conditions. These representations can be used in BIM tools to create 3D conception models based on real-world context.

Is ReCap photo free?

As an EDU user, you get ReCap Pro and ReCap Photo desktop apps free. You are, however, limited to 100 photos per project for cloud processing.

Does ReCap work on Mac?

Everything you love about Recap. right on your desktop

Download our desktop app to launch straight from your start menu or dock and manage your whole portfolio on your Mac or PC.

Does ReCap Pro work on Mac?

There is no Mac desktop version of ReCap 360 Pro. But there are a large number of features available in the web browser (at This includes the ability to create a photo-based 3D mesh. But to create a laser scan project (import raw data, register it, etc) you’ll need to use Windows.

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