How do you unlock a Solidworks feature?

How do I unlock a SolidWorks file?

To unlock a locked object, click File > Unlock. The Check Out command automatically removes the lock from an object. The CAD worker ignores the Automatically lock objects added to workspace preference and successfully publishes the CAD documents, which are locked.

How do you lock a feature in SolidWorks?

Open the System Options, and on the General page check Enable Freeze bar. This adds the Freeze bar to the design tree in the Feature Manager. Drag the bar below the features you want to lock. Release your left mouse button, and the features are locked.

How do you Unfix something in SolidWorks?

To fix or float an assembly component:

  1. Right-click the component in the graphics area or the component’s name in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Select Fix or Float.
  3. In assemblies with multiple configurations, select This Configuration, All Configurations, or Specified Configurations.

What is lock in SolidWorks?

A Lock mate maintains the position and orientation between two components. The components are fully constrained relative to each other. A Lock mate has the same effect as forming a subassembly between the two components and making the subassembly rigid.

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How do you unlock STEP files?

To unlock a step file all you need to do is draw a circle or rectangle in sketch mode anywhere but on the object being unlocked then switch to 3D mode and select everything. After selecting everything it is possible to uncheck the lock option when you right click on the object in the structure tab.

How do you lock a SOLIDWORKS file?

To lock files in SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight: In the Collaborative Sharing pane, hover over the file image, click the down arrow , and select Lock.

Why are features locked SolidWorks?

This is because SolidWorks needs to keep track of the external references applied in the assembly and if a rebuild is applied to a part that is referenced by other parts this will in turn cause the referenced parts to rebuild.

How do I turn on the freeze bar in SolidWorks?

To turn on the freeze bar, click Tools > Options > System Options > General and select Enable Freeze bar. To freeze features: Move the pointer over the freeze bar.

How do you lock an angle in SolidWorks?

Locking Dimensions

  1. In an open sketch, click Smart Dimension. …
  2. Click the items to dimension.
  3. Move the pointer. …
  4. Right-click to lock. …
  5. Move the pointer around until the dimension is correctly located.
  6. Click to place the dimension.
  7. Set the value in the Modify box and click .

How do you Unmate in Solidworks?

Deleting a Mating Relationship

  1. Click the mate in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Do one of the following: Press the Delete key. Click Edit > Delete. Right-click and select Delete.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
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Which choice is an example of a sketched feature?

Sketched features include extruded profiles and shapes, revolved shapes, sweeps, lofts, coils, and ribs.

How do I make a SolidWorks file read only?

You can set an option to always open files in eDrawings as read-only. In Tools > Options, on the General tab, select Open files read-only. When selected, this option also selects the Open as read-only option in the Open dialog box.

How do you lock all parts in a SolidWorks assembly?

Now to lock any part in Solidworks assembly all you have to do is:

  1. choose the part from the FeatureManager Design tree.
  2. right click on the name of the part.
  3. Select Fix ( To fix the part), Float (To make the part move)

What is a concentric mate in SolidWorks?

See SolidWorks Help: Coincident Mate. Concentric mates allow you to align the axis of a curved or cylindrical face with the axis of another. This mate is ideal for aligning holes and other curved faces.

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