How do you select a surface in Civil 3D?

How do you use surfaces in Civil 3D?

Accessing surfaces from Toolspace

  1. Toolspace > Prospector tab > right-click Surfaces. Create surface options. …
  2. Toolspace > Prospector tab > expand Surfaces > right-click Exist. …
  3. Toolspace > Prospector tab > expand Surfaces > expand Exist.

How do I change surface material in Civil 3D?

To Edit Corridor Surfaces

  1. In the drawing, click the corridor.
  2. Click Corridor tab Modify Corridor panel Corridor Surfaces Find.
  3. In Corridor Surfaces dialog box, click the Surfaces tab.
  4. In the properties table, select the surface that you want to edit.
  5. To modify the name of the surface, click the name.

How do you select in Civil 3D?

You can select a single or multiple objects, depending on the feature you are using. To select multiple objects, hold down the SHIFT key and select the objects. Click to select one or more objects in the drawing.

How do you define a surface in Civil 3D?

A surface definition is a collection of a surface build, data, and edit properties, as well as a list of the operations that you have performed on the surface. The type of definition data items that a surface can have depends on the surface type.

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How do I add a surface to another surface Civil 3D?


  1. On the Civil 3D Toolspace, click on “Prospector” tab.
  2. Right click on “Surfaces” and create a new surface.
  3. Expand the “Definition” subfeature for that new surface and right click on “Edits”.
  4. Click “Paste Surface” and choose the original surface.
  5. Change the new surface style to show points.

How do I create a material list in Civil 3D?

To Generate a Material List for a Sample Line Group

  1. Click Analyze tab Volumes And Materials panel Compute Materials Find.
  2. In the Select a Sample Line Group dialog box, click the Select Alignment field. …
  3. Click the Select Sample Line Group field. …
  4. Click OK. …
  5. Click the Quantity Takeoff Criteria field.

How do you add materials in Civil 3D?

To add materials to the current drawing

A Material Library is installed with Autodesk Civil 3D by default. You can open the Tools Palette and either drag a render material into a drawing or insert the material by using the Add To Current Drawing command. Click Home tab Palettes panel Tool Palettes Find.

How do I create a material list in AutoCAD?

On the command line, enter MATERIALLIST. Select the objects you want to include in the list, and press Enter. Press F2. The material definitions list is displayed in the AutoCAD text window.

How do you use Quick Select in Civil 3D?

Use Quick Select to select objects in your AutoCAD drawing

  1. Home tab> Utilities panel>Quick Select.
  2. With no command active, right-click in the drawing area and choose Quick Select.
  3. Click the Quick Select button in the Properties palette.
  4. Type qselect on the command line.
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How do you select similar in Civil 3D?

You can right-click on an object in Civil 3D and pick Select Similar to select all the objects in a drawing with shared, or similar, properties.

How do I edit a similar selection in AutoCAD?

To configure how Select Similar evaluates objects:

  1. Enter SELECTSIMILAR at the command-line.
  2. Choose Settings at the Select objects or [SEttings]: prompt.
  3. Choose the properties you would like the Select Similar command to evaluate, then choose OK.
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