How do you make a shape on Onshape?

How do you make a part on shape?

Insert Parts and Assemblies

  1. Click the Insert parts and assemblies tool .
  2. Select Current document to insert from this document or Other documents to find another document from which to select. …
  3. Once a document is selected, select Part Studios or Assemblies to filter further.

How do you make a shaped rectangle?

Press the N key to orient the sketch plane to normal. Click (or press the G key) to select the Rectangle tool. Click in the graphics area to start the rectangle, move the cursor to draw the rectangle. When the rectangle is the proper size and proportion (estimated), click to set the rectangle.

How do you make a shaped square?

Hold down the Alt key while sketching a rectangle and it will automatically make the sides equal (creating a square).

How do you put your face on Onshape?

First, open the Split tool and select the option “Face” (instead of “Part”) to create a new region in the face of the part or surface you are splitting. Next, select the face(s) that you would like to split, then select the sketch to be used as the tool to split with.

How do you make a 2D shape 3D?

The most straightforward way of making a 2D shape into a 3D object is by extruding it. An extrusion is simply pushing the 2D shape into the third dimension by giving it a Z-axis depth (see Figure 3.17). The result of an extrusion is a 3D object with width, height, and now, depth.

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How do you center a rectangle on shape?

Hold the ALT key while sketching to constrain two rectangle sides to be equal (resulting in a square). To create a rectangular sketch from the center point outward, select the center point rectangle tool, then click the center point of the rectangle and the corner point of the rectangle.

What is an example of a square?

The definition of a square is a shape with four sides of equal length. An example of square is a space on a checker board. Square means having four sides of equal length. An example of square is a cake with four equal sides.

How do you make a square with paper?


  1. Fold one corner of the paper to meet the opposite edge. This brings the short side of the paper over to one of the long sides. …
  2. Cut off the extra paper. Cut along the edge of the triangle to separate it from the extra paper. …
  3. Unfold the triangle. You now have a perfect square with a diagonal crease in it.
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