How do I remove a constraint in free CAD?

How do I change constraints in FreeCAD?

To edit the constraints values, double-click on a constraint value in the 3D view, or double-click on the constraint or right-click and select Edit value in the Constraint list in the Tasks tab.

How do I view constraints in FreeCAD?

With those Constraints still selected, click the “Switch Virtual Space” button. To see them again, click the button again. You can also access it from the pull-down menu by Sketch > Sketcher Virtual Space Switch Virtual Space.

What are constraints FreeCAD?

In FreeCAD the word “Constraint” is normally used to refer to a “rule” to draw geometrical shapes inside a. Sketch ( Sketcher::SketchObject class).

How do I validate a sketch in Freecad?

Select the Sketch → Validate sketch… option from the menu. Press the. Validate sketch button (not available in the PartDesign Workbench).


  1. Press the. Leave sketch button.
  2. Press the Close button at the top of the Task panel.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: Esc (if enabled in the Sketcher Preferences).

How do I hide measurements in FreeCAD?

You can select all constraints in the list to the left and hide them in the rightclick menu.

Who wrote FreeCAD?


Screenshots from FreeCAD version 0.19
Original author(s) Jürgen Riegel, Werner Mayer, Yorik van Havre
Initial release 29 October 2002
Stable release 0.19.4 / 1 March 2022
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How do you use symmetry constraints in FreeCAD?

Usage. Select two points (vertexes) in the sketch and a line in the sketch. The selected points and the line will be dark green. Constrain symmetric or select the Constrain Symmetrical menu item from the Sketcher Constraints sub menu of the Sketcher (or Part Design) menu item.

How do I edit sketch in FreeCAD?

Right-click on a sketch in the tree view and choose Edit Sketch. Select sketch in the tree view and choose Sketch → Edit Sketch from the pull-down-menu. Simply double-clicking on the sketch.

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