How do I get a sky background in SketchUp VRAY?

Open your VRay ‘Options’ window, and head to the ‘Environment’ tab, Make sure that ‘GI(skylight)’ and ‘Reflection/refraction (background)’ are checked and then press the ‘M’ button in ‘GI (skylight)’.

How do I add Sky to VRay?

See the SunLight page. To add the Sky texture as an Environment one, go to Textures and select the auto-generated Environment Texture. Press the Replace With New Texture button and select the Sky texture instead.

Why is VRay background black?

When saving your output image, make sure you choose JPEG or JPG instead of PNG. In PNG format the background is usually either Transparent, White, or in some cases Black when there is no BG image, and sometimes it gets stuck that way even if there was a BG image so changing it to JPEG should take care of that.

Why my render is black in SketchUp?

V-Ray for SketchUp is often prone to appear black in rendering glass because VR has highly reflective objects such as glass, mirror, stainless steel, indicating that the inherent color of the material (diffuse reflection) is itself the black color, plus nothing around the object, can naturally reflect the inherent …

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