How do I copy a detail line from one view to another in Revit?

How do you copy detail items in Revit?

Insert > Insert from File > Insert 2D Elements from File > Browse to the Revit project containing the detail components placed in the drafting view > Choose Drafting View > OK. All detail components should be placed at once in current project. I hope this is helpful.

How do you copy a detail group in Revit?

Step 7: How to Duplicate Groups in Revit

  1. Type in the name you wish to call the duplicate Group and Press OK.
  2. Press OK in the Type Properties Menu to confirm the Duplication of the Group.

Does Revit allow you to copy detail views?

Revit does not allow you to copy Detail Views.

How do I copy a line from one Revit file to another?

Go to the file you want to copy from, highlight the objects to copy and type “Ctrl-C” (that is, hold down the Ctrl key and type “C”). Then open the file you want to paste that element into and type “Ctrl-V.”

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Can you copy sheets from one Revit project to another?

There are limitations on how Revit will allow Sheets to be transferred between projects. Specifically, Revit will not import/export Sheets that contain model views.

How do you select a group in Revit?

How to Group in Revit

  1. In a project view, select the desired elements or existing groups you want in the group.
  2. Click Modify | Multi-Select tabCreate panel (Create Group). …
  3. In the Create Group dialog, enter a name for the group. …
  4. If you want to open the group in the group editor, select Open in Group Editor. …
  5. Click OK.

How do I edit a group model?

You can Add new items/elements into any group by simply doing the following:

  1. Select the Group which you would like to edit.
  2. In the Modify | Model Groups tab which appears, select Edit Group.
  3. Once in the Group Edit Mode, Select the Add Tool.

How do I export multiple drafting views in Revit?

Save Drafting Views to an External Project

  1. Select a drafting view in the Project Browser.
  2. Right-click the view name, and click Save to New File.
  3. Enter a new name for the project. This creates a new Revit project file that contains the selected view and the contents of that view.

Is Revit a raster based program?

Because Revit automatically uses raster processing for views that require it, select Vector Processing for most print jobs to realize the benefits of that technology.

Is it possible to add a new window type to a window family in Revit?

It is not possible to add a new window type to a window family? It is not possible to select which side of the wall a window should be on while you are inserting the window? What tool will break a wall into two smaller pieces? The __________ tool allows you to match the surface of two adjacent walls.

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How do you copy a base point in Revit?

How do you copy and paste with base points in Revit?

  1. Select the object or objects.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. Click on the beginning reference point.
  4. Click on the ending point.
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