How do I add a feature in Solidworks?

How do I add a feature to SOLIDWORKS assembly?

You can create the following as assembly features: cuts, holes, fillets, chamfers, weld beads, and belt/chain features. To edit an assembly feature, right-click the assembly feature in the FeatureManager design tree, and select either Edit Sketch or Edit Feature.

How do I add a feature to Library in SOLIDWORKS?

Creating a Library Feature

  1. Click the Design Library. …
  2. Click to pin down the Task Pane, and select Design Library .
  3. Browse to the folder where you want to add the library feature.
  4. Press Ctrl and in the FeatureManager design tree, select the features you want to save as a library feature.

How do I add a feature to a design table in SOLIDWORKS?

Right-click an item and select Configure dimension, Configure feature, or Configure component. Then select Auto-create in the Design Table PropertyManager when you create the design table. Search ‘Manually Add Parameters in a Design Table’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

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Where is feature in SOLIDWORKS?

Finding Features

  1. Click Find/Modify Features. (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Find/Modify > Find/Modify Features. …
  2. Do one of the following: …
  3. Do one of the following: …
  4. Under Match, to search for suppressed features select Suppressed.
  5. Under Match, to search for unsuppressed features select Unsuppressed.
  6. Click Find Now.

How do I trim in Solidworks assembly?

To create an assembly feature cut:

  1. Open a sketch on a face or plane, and sketch a profile of the cut. …
  2. Click Extruded Cut or Revolved Cut (Features toolbar), or click Insert > Assembly Feature > Cut , then Extrude or Revolve.
  3. Set the options as needed in the Extrude or Revolve PropertyManager.

What type of face can’t be selected when creating a concentric mate?

A coincident mate forces two planar faces to become coplanar. The faces can move along one another, but cannot be pulled apart. A concentric mate forces two cylindrical faces to become concentric. The faces can move along the common axis, but cannot be moved away from this axis.

Why Library feature is empty solidworks?

In order to troubleshooting issue of “Library Feature is empty” follow below steps. Step 1: Make sure while saving custom sketch profile as Lib Feat Part (. sldlfp) for use as weldment profile, custom sketch is must be preselected while saving as Lib Feat Part (. sldlfp).

Where is design library solidworks?

The Design Library folder is located on the disk in install_directoryDocuments and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataSOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS_versiondesign library.

How do I add a dimension to an existing design table in SOLIDWORKS?

To do this, start by going to the configuration tab, right click on design table, and click edit design table. Click on the cell to the right of the last dimension. Go to the part tree, click on the sketch and then click on the dimension that needs to be added to the design table.

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What are applied features in SOLIDWORKS?

Applied features such as chamfers, fillets, and shells are applied directly to the model.

How do I create a design table in SOLIDWORKS assembly?

To have the SOLIDWORKS software insert a design table automatically:

  1. In a part or assembly document, click Design Table (Tools toolbar) or Insert > Tables > Design Table.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Source, select Auto-create.
  3. Set the Edit Control settings and Options, as desired.
  4. Click .

How do I open a feature in SOLIDWORKS?

To set FeatureWorks to activate whenever you open SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > Add-Ins and select FeatureWorks under the Active Add-ins and Start-up columns.

How do I enable recognize features in SOLIDWORKS?

(Features toolbar) or Insert > FeatureWorks > Recognize Features. You can also select an imported body in the graphics area or in the SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager design tree, right-click, and select FeatureWorks > Recognize Features. This works for automatic and interactive recognition.

What is the Features toolbar in SOLIDWORKS?

The Features toolbar provides tools for creating model features. The set of features icons is very extensive so not all of them are included on the default Features toolbar. You can customize this toolbar by adding and removing icons to suit your working style and frequent tasks.

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