Frequent question: Can Onshape open Creo files?

Which export formats are available for drawings in Onshape?

Sketches can be exported to DWG and DXF formats. Planar faces can be exported to DWG and DXF formats. Flattened views of sheet metal models can be exported to DWG and DXF formats. You can use metadata to name export files, see the Export rules subheading in your plan’s Managing Your Onshape Plan topic.

How do I import a 3d model into Onshape?

Open the Onshape document into which you want to import files. (Insert new element icon) at the bottom of the window. Select Import… from the menu. Select one or more files to import and click Open.

What file types can Onshape open?

Onshape can import the following file types to Part Studios:

  • Parasolid.
  • ACIS.
  • STEP.
  • IGES.
  • CATIA v4.
  • CATIA v5.
  • CATIA v6.
  • SolidWorks.

Can Creo open Onshape files?

There are no special workflows required to import Pro/Engineer, Creo, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, NX, or Solid Edge parts files into Onshape. Simply select the part file when prompted by the Onshape import dialog. Saving a SOLIDWORKS part as a Parasolid (. x_t) file is another way to import it into Onshape.

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Can you export a SVG from Onshape?

You can create views of the model (or an assembly) and you can right-click on a drawing view, then there’s an option to make sketches visible as well. Once you have a drawing, you can export the whole thing as SVG, DXF, PDF, and other formats as well.

Can Onshape open SolidWorks files?

One last note for SolidWorks users: To import a SolidWorks assembly, first use the Pack and Go command in SolidWorks and the option to “Save to Zip file.” This will create a single zip file that contains the assembly plus all of its parts. This zip file can then be imported into Onshape.

What is Collada file in SketchUp?

COLLADA is an XML-based schema that enables you to transfer data among 3D digital content creation tools, such as SketchUp, Maya, 3ds Max, and Rhino. COLLADA files use the . dae file extension, which stands for digital asset exchange. In SketchUp, you can import and export COLLADA files pretty easily.

What file formats can AutoCAD export?

User’s Guide: Exporting to CAD Formats. Revit Architecture supports exporting to CAD (DWG and DXF), ACIS (SAT), and MicroStation® (DGN) file formats. DWG (drawing) format is supported by AutoCAD and other CAD applications. DXF (data transfer) is an open format that is supported by many CAD applications.

How do I convert my Onshape to PDF?

You can export Onshape drawings to the following file types: PDF.

  1. Right-click on the Drawing tab.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Specify a name for the export file.
  4. Select the desired export format.
  5. Select the version and sheets, as appropriate. …
  6. Choose how to treat overridden dimensions: Show underlines or Hide underlines.
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What programs can open STEP files?

You can open a STEP file in a variety of CAD programs, including Autodesk Fusion 360 (cross-platform), IMSI TurboCAD (Windows, Mac), FreeCAD (cross-platform), and Dassault Systemes CATIA (Windows, Linux).

How do I import OBJ into Onshape?

Here’s what I did:

  1. From the main documents page, I clicked on the Import icon.
  2. Select the OBJ file and open it.
  3. I received a “Import: Translation Complete” message, indicating that the OBJ translated correctly to a viewable Onshape document.
  4. From here, I opened up the document and was able to view the model.

How do I import drawings into Onshape?

Drawings are able to be imported from: The Documents page where they automatically become a new document. Within a document, where they automatically become a tab inside that document.

Importing from within a document

  1. Click .
  2. Select Import…
  3. Select the file to import.

What formats does FreeCAD support?

Besides FreeCAD’s own file format, files can be exported and imported in DXF, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), STEP, IGES, STL (STereoLithography), OBJ (Wavefront), DAE (Collada), SCAD (OpenSCAD), IV (Inventor) and IFC.

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