Your question: Where are PowerPoint recordings saved?

Where can I find PowerPoint recordings?

To get access to the recording tab open an existing or new presentation in PowerPoint, click File then Options. Choose Customise Ribbon in the menu on the left, then tick the box which says Recording and click OK.

How do you save a recording on PowerPoint?

Try it!

  1. Select File > Export > Create a video.
  2. Select the quality of the video: …
  3. Decide if you want to: …
  4. In the Seconds spent on each slide box, select the default time you want to spend on each slide.
  5. Select Create Video.
  6. Enter a file name and then browse to the location you want to save your video.

How do I extract audio from PowerPoint?

How to extract audio from a PowerPoint 2010 file

  1. Open the folder in which the presentation is located.
  2. Select the file and right click.
  3. Select “Rename” from the dropdown menu that appears.
  4. Change the extension from . pptx to . …
  5. Open the . zip file.
  6. Extract the . …
  7. Use a third-party audio editing tool to open the .

How do I export a recording from PowerPoint on Mac?

Click File > Export. On the File Format menu, select the picture format that you want, such as JPEG or PNG. Select either Save Every Slide or Save Current Slide Only. You may also enter a size for your slide images in the Width and Height boxes.

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Why is my recording not working on PowerPoint?

Outdated or corrupted audio drivers might also prevent PowerPoint from recording audio on the presentation slides. Speaking of updates, verify that all Windows updates have been installed and you’re running the latest OS version. Go to Settings → Update & Security → Check for updates.

How do I convert PPT to MP3?

If you want to try MS PowerPoint To MP3 Converter Software, here is how to use it.

  1. Step 1: Download and install MS PowerPoint To MP3 Converter Software on your computer.
  2. Step 2: Click “Add PowerPoint Files” to add your PPT file. …
  3. Step 3: After importing, you can set multiple audio performances below.

How do I convert PowerPoint to MP4 on Mac?


  1. Open the PowerPoint you wish to save as an MP4.
  2. Click the File menu from PowerPoint.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Select a location on your computer to save the file, such as the Desktop or Documents folder.
  5. In the File Format dropdown menu, select MP4.
  6. Adjust any quality settings to your preference.
  7. Click Export.

How do I convert a PowerPoint to a video on a Mac 2016?

converting powerpoint to video in mac 2016

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and resize the window to the size you want your video to be (i.e. 640×480 pixels, etc.).
  2. Select Slide Show>Set Up Show…
  3. Under Show type, choose Browsed by an individual (window), then click on OK.
  4. Start your Slide Show.