Your question: Does PowerPoint 2010 support mp4 video?

Why can’t I insert mp4 video in PowerPoint 2010?

You can never insert a video file in PowerPoint if the video is in an unsupported format. You have to convert the file into WMV, ASF, or MP4 format. And if you are using an earlier version of PowerPoint, you have to install QuickTime on your system to convert them to MP4. … Click on the Video option and select “Movie.”

What video formats does PowerPoint 2010 support?

In PowerPoint 2010, you can insert video in the following file formats:

  • ASF (Windows media file)
  • AVI (Windows video files – some require additional codecs)
  • MPG (movie file)
  • MPEG (movie file)
  • SWF (Adobe Flash media file)
  • WMV (Windows media video file)
  • MP4 (with QuickTime installed)

Does PowerPoint accept mp4?

Supported video formats

In PowerPoint 2016 and newer versions, we recommend that you use . mp4 files encoded with H. 264 video (a.k.a. MPEG-4 AVC) and AAC audio. For more details, see Video and audio file formats supported in PowerPoint.

Does PowerPoint 2010 support mp4 video?

Supported video file formats

The 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010 can play an . mp4 or . mov file only if the computer has a QuickTime Player installed. (Read Download QuickTime for Windows, on the Apple site, for more information.)

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How do I fix codec unavailable in PowerPoint 2010?

Part 1. How To Fix PowerPoint Codec Unavailable?

  1. Replace Your File Presentation Extension. …
  2. Use Your Media Compatibility Feature. …
  3. Have Your Audios And Videos Converted To A Compatible Format. …
  4. Clean Up Your TEMP Folder.

Why Cannot play media in PowerPoint?

If you are having trouble inserting or playing media, it could be that you don’t have the proper codec installed. For example, someone could send you a PowerPoint presentation with media based on a codec that your PC doesn’t have. … Then install the codec required to run the media.

How do you embed a Video in a PPT?

In PowerPoint, go to the slide where you want to insert the content. On the toolbar ribbon, select the Insert tab, select Video, and then select Online Video. The Insert Video dialog box opens. Paste the embed code in the box named From a Video Embed Code, and then press Enter.

What video formats work with PowerPoint?

5. Supported video formats, video codecs and audio codecs in all PowerPoint versions

  • Windows Video (.asf)
  • Windows Video (.avi)
  • MP4 Video (.mp4, .m4v, .mov)
  • Movie (.mpg or .mpeg)
  • Adobe Flash (.swf)
  • Windows Media Video (.wmv)

How do I insert a .mov file into PowerPoint?

Videos . mov QuickTime in PowerPoint

  1. Create a new slide where you want to embed the QuickTime movie. …
  2. Click Insert menú and then Insert movie.
  3. Select movie and sound.
  4. Navigate to the location of the QuickTime Movie, choose it.
  5. Determine if you want the movie to play automatically or by using a mouse click.
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