You asked: How do you outline shapes in Keynote?

Can you free draw in Keynote?

You can create your own freehand shapes. Click anywhere on the slide (or its surrounding workspace) to create the first point of the custom shape. Move the pointer, then click to create another point; continue adding as many points as you want.

Can you draw a shape in Keynote?

You can use the Draw tool to create your own shapes. “Draw with Pen”). The pointer changes from an arrow to a small pen tip.

How do you add a border on Keynote on iPad?

Add a border to a slide in Keynote on iPad

  1. Tap , then tap .
  2. In the Basic category, tap a square or rounded rectangle to add it.
  3. Drag the blue dots that appear around the shape until the outer edges of the shape form the border size you want.
  4. Tap. …
  5. Tap Fill, tap Preset, then swipe left and tap No Fill. …
  6. Tap.

How do I add a page border in Apple?

In the Format sidebar, click the Style tab. To remove the color from the shape or choose a different color, click the pop-up menu below Fill, then click No Fill or choose a different fill option. Click the disclosure arrow next to Border, then click the pop-up menu and choose a type of border (line or picture frame).

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Can you outline text in Keynote?

You can make text appear as a stenciled outline. Select the text you want to appear outlined, or click where you want to type new text. Choose Format > Font > Outline.

How do you crop an irregular shape in Keynote?

By using the “mask” feature, you can reshape and crop any image to suit your needs.

  1. Import an image into a Keynote project by dragging and dropping an image from the computer into your Keynote project.
  2. Select the image. …
  3. Resize the image and the mask. …
  4. Double-click outside the mask and the image.