Why is my PowerPoint not accessible?

Why can’t I open my PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has encountered errors and can’t open this file. Try opening another copy of the file. … If you opened the file from a disk, try to open another copy of the file on a new disk. The problem may be a file-format issue, or it may be a file-corruption issue that requires repair.

How do you check PowerPoint for accessibility?

Use the Accessibility Checker

  1. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, select Review > Check Accessibility.
  2. In OneNote, select View > Check Accessibility.
  3. In Outlook, while writing or replying to an email message, select Options > Check Accessibility.

How do I make a PowerPoint PDF accessible?

If you need to convert your PowerPoint to a PDF, you will have to make it accessible.

  1. In PowerPoint, click File, then Save As.
  2. Choose where you want the file to be saved.
  3. Select PDF as the Save As type, then select Options.
  4. Check the box for Document structure tags for accessibility.
  5. Click OK.

Why can’t I open a PowerPoint presentation on my Mac?

This behavior may occur if any one of the following conditions is true: PowerPoint preferences are corrupted. Programs running in the background are interfering with PowerPoint. Application files are corrupted.

How do I open PowerPoint on Windows 10?

If you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can still open and view PowerPoint presentations by using PowerPoint for the web or PowerPoint on your mobile device. If you have Windows 10 on your computer, you can install PowerPoint Mobile to view presentations.

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How do I know if my document has accessibility issues?

Use the Accessibility Checker tool to look for accessibility issues in your Office documents.

  1. Select File > Info.
  2. Select Check for Issues > Check Accessibility.
  3. In the Inspection Results, select an issue.
  4. In the Additional Information, review the How to Fix and make the needed changes to your document.

What is not checked when you run Accessibility Checker PowerPoint?

The Accessibility Checker will not check for poor color contrast or inappropriate use of color. The Accessibility Checker will not call out lists that are not formatted as lists. The checker does not flag text that may be too small and/or difficult to read.