What is the meaning of I’m impressed?

What’s another way to say I’m impressed?

What is another word for impressed?

enthralled captivated
rapt snowed
stunned affected
aroused riveted
entranced gripped

Does the word impressed mean?

to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; influence in opinion: He impressed us as a sincere young man. to fix deeply or firmly on the mind or memory, as ideas or facts: to impress the importance of honesty on a child. to urge, as something to be remembered or done: She impressed the need for action on them.

What to say when you’re impressed?

Other Similar Phrases To Show You’re Impressed

  1. Wow, that’s impressive!
  2. Isn’t that something?
  3. How’d you do that? That’s amazing!
  4. Nice! ( common even though just one word)
  5. You look like a million bucks! ( specifically for physical appearance)

How do you tell someone you are impressed?

9 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Impressed By You In The First 5 Minutes

  1. They Answer Your Questions. …
  2. They Want To Hear Your Opinion. …
  3. They Lean In As You Interact With Them. …
  4. They Introduce You To Others. …
  5. They Ask You Questions. …
  6. They Avoid Distractions And Really Pay Attention. …
  7. They Include You.

What’s a word for easily impressed?

easily impressed or influenced; susceptible: an impressionable youngster.

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What does impressed you mean?

/ɪmˈpres/ to cause someone to feel admiration or respect: She impressed us with her sincerity. If you impress something on someone, you cause them to understand its importance or value: He always impressed on us the need to do our best.

Was so impressed meaning?

having had an impression made on oneself; experiencing a strong, lasting, or favourable effect. I’m very impressed! I was very impressed by one young man at my lectures.

What makes someone impressive?

Some thought that it was only materialistic things that made someone impressive. They had their focus on money, job and prestige. Another part of the people I asked had a totally different outlook on things. They talked about authenticity, compassion, courage, presence and inner strength.

What do you say when you’re amazed?

Ways of saying that you are surprised or shocked – thesaurus

  • funnily enough. phrase. …
  • you don’t say. phrase. …
  • heavens above. phrase. …
  • Well, I never (did) phrase. …
  • is that a fact? phrase. …
  • you would not believe. phrase. …
  • of all things/people/places. phrase. …
  • now I’ve seen everything/it all. phrase.

How do you express impressive?


  1. amazing.
  2. astonishing.
  3. awesome.
  4. breathtaking.
  5. grand.
  6. impressive.
  7. majestic.
  8. mind-blowing.