What is the difference between picture and clipart in PowerPoint?

What is difference between clipart and picture?

Clipart is a graphic art whereas Picture is an artifact. 2. Clipart is generally found in electronic form whereas Picture can be in electronic as well as in printed form. … Clipart is composed by hand or by some kind of computer software whereas Picture is captured by optical devices such as cameras, mirrors etc.

What is picture and clip art?

Clip art is a collection of pictures or images that can be imported into a document or another program. The images may be either raster graphics or vector graphics. Clip art galleries many contain anywhere from a few images to hundreds of thousands of images.

What is the difference between clipart picture and WordArt?

Clip art is set of images provided by Microsoft office , which can be used in the document . Word art is stylish text styles provided by Microsoft office. Answer: ClipArt is animated pictures and WordArt is like animated words.

What is the difference between a clip art and a SmartArt graphic?

ClipArt has the pre-made images stocked in the MS Office suite. There are many Clip Art categories, such as School, Occasions, People, Business, Animals, Cartoons and many more. Whereas, SmartArt is advanced feature to add dynamic graphics in the document.

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What is the difference between inserting ClipArt and object a document?

The difference between graphics like clip art and pictures, and Drawing objects like AutoShapes and WordArt, mainly lies in what you can do to them after you’ve inserted them into your document. … So, the basic concept is that the more control you had in creating an image, the more control you have in modifying it.

What clipart means?

: ready-made usually copyright-free illustrations sold in books, as part of a software package, or through a website from which they may be cut and pasted or inserted as artwork.

What is clip art called now?

Microsoft killed clip art and replaced it with Bing Image Search, which in Office filters for Creative Commons images. It’s one of many resources and you can still find clip art elsewhere. Remember Microsoft’s clip art?

What is the use of clipart?

Clipart can be presented in one of two graphics formats, vector, and raster. Using clip art images you can create desktop wallpapers, collages, websites. They are also used in designing advertising posters, booklets, calendars, etc. So, the clip art collection is a necessary tool that every webmaster has.